When working with a CMS like WordPress is very easy to love that your blog has everything (with more than one million applications available, the temptation is too great) so my advice is you centres on the essential and simple. Turns your blog into a community get your readers to feel like that they are participating in a discussion rather than just by reading your blog. It responds to the comments, initiates discussions and if you can, add a forum to your blog. Get it accessible more later, if you wish, you can consider the creation of a format of your site only for those who access from a cellular phone or a Tablet PC computer. Although it can be accessed through RSS, remains a good idea expanding the accessibility of your site. Abuses of the profitability of your blog advertising is not important and of course you have every right to create money with the.

But keep the ads in the least possibility and do not abuse the pop up front your readers. Be consistent with your blog. In other words, he published with regularity and frequency. Do not skimp on quality, because it is important. I just know that if you want to create a public, you need people to know that there will be new content in your blog on a consistent and regular basis. Do it only there are many Blogs out there and you gotta do that yours stands out among them all. Develop your own style and try to write articles creative and interesting, so get more readers and followers for your blog. With these tips, you have a starting point to build your professional blog and get the most out. The most important thing you must remember is that you should have fun and enjoy the experience of Blogging. If you like what you do, everything will be much easier.