Energy Resources

Ahead of this dependence of energy resources, the necessity appears to diversify the use of the energy sources. Currently the oil is the main substance used in the energy generation, however the biomass is a source used well before the discovery of ‘ ‘ gold negro’ ‘. The man uses the firewood as energy source since the beginning of the civilization. Therefore, the biomass is part of the history of the humanity as power plant. The biomass is a substance material consisting mainly of organic origin, that is, of animals and vegetables.

The energy gotten through the combustion of the firewood, forest bagasse of sugar cane-of-sugar, residues, agricultural residues, rind of rice, excrementos of animals, among others organic substances. This energy source is renewable, therefore its composition liberates Co2 in the atmosphere, that during its cycle, it is transforming into carbohydrates, through the photosyntheses carried through for the plants. In this direction, use of the biomass, since that controlled it does not attack the environment, since the composition of the atmosphere is not modified of form significativa.2.2 Biomass in the MundoA biomass energy comes thus conquering its space in the world-wide scope and becoming reference so that many countries can acquire and contribute for its rise in the world-wide scene, while used renewable power plant more. dures to achieve this success. The countries developed as well as in other situations of development are always the front and in relation to the energy biomass it is not different therefore, the data below proves showing that the firewood exerts great importance as power plant. They is esteem that its current consumption is between 10% and 14%. For 2020, it has estimates of that it reaches 11% and the consumption of 38 and 34% for the developing countries and of 58 and 60% for Africa, in particular. In Sudan, for example, with 87% 85% of the energy necessity are provided by the biomass being that with these, about 45% in the form of firewood and 30% in the form of coal. Something very seemed occurs in Shrimps, where 64% of the used energy come from the biomass, in particular of the forest biomass.

Represented Geography

For Passini (1994, p.26): The reading process nothing more is of what the understanding of the cartographic language, decoding significant through the legend, using significant through the legend, using the calculations for the reversion of the scale, arriving measured ace real of the projected space and to obtain the information of the represented space, visualizing it. The cartography becomes, therefore, an important tool in the construction of knowledge in the space representation. To work it parallel disciplines geography and to others you discipline, must be made of systematic form. To read more click here: Dropbox. Not to present the cartography as if was a simple illustrative method, therefore, it is of what this and does not have also to be understood as important method of construction of the knowledge and knowing them geographic. According to national curricular parameters of geography (1999), the learning by means of different forms of representation and cartographic scales will have to be contemplated, at this moment, where if it initiates the pupil in the geographic studies, as well as to teach to separately carry through analytical studies of phenomena by means of the thematic maps, such as: climate, vegetation, population, ground, cultivos and agriculturists, etc. By in such a way, the alfabetizao and use of the cartography already are foreseen in the pertaining to school resume, as in the curricular parameters, that serve of base for the formularization of the contents. In the first ones contacts with the cartography, the activity most common applied by the professors is the painting of maps. Practical of the illustration and the painting of maps it is the times used by the geography professors, but, for what if it observes is not one very efficient technique of cartographic education. One in the easy ways most pleasant and to initiate the process of cartographic alfabetizao in the pupils is the use of mockups. The use of the mockup allows the operation to make its projection on the paper and to argue this operation of the cartographic point of view what it involves to represent in two dimensions the three-dimensional space, to represent all the area under one alone point of view and to keep to the proportionality elements among others represented.