The 1 general or central subject of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' the citizen of a local and universal form for well total is the responsabilizao of all of the humanity. Therefore all we are members of a small people, but also we are part of ' ' community mundial' ' we are interdependent, therefore, being essential to share values and principles ' ' aiming at a way of sustainable life as common criterion, through which the behavior of all the individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and transnational institutions will be guided and avaliada' '. 2 It is possible to even so say, that the main category of the public services in which ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' this inserted either socioambiental, does not mean that the two other categories cited here are not important or that they are total had been of the context of the Letter. In the truth only they are not the basic ones, but they are gifts and as such must sufficiently be considered. The category structure is present, for example, when he is boarded that ' ' to prevent damage is optimum method of ambient protection e, when the knowledge will be limited, to apply a boarding of precauo' ' 3, or still, when it is detached that &#039 is necessary; ' to adopt life styles that accent the quality of life and material subsistence in a world finito' ' .4 Already the category of the legal intervention, meets, for example, when it is said in ' ' to assure that the economic activities and the institutions in all the levels promote the development human of equitable form and sustentvel' ' .5 The relation of the users with the problem evidenced for ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' it is of direct order, that is, the State becomes related directly with the user. .


It is a document of the ONU, and as such, only enjoys of obligatoriness after to be recognized for the legislation of each country. In Brazil, the States and Cities will be able to legislate from Agenda 21, since that following the Union and taking advantage the legislation most restrictive. Agenda 21 deals with the questions of the economic-social development and its dimensions, to the conservation and administration of resources for the development, to the paper of the great social groups that act in this process. It nails the creation of projects that they aim at to the sustainable development, preserving the natural resources and the ambient quality. Agenda 21 represents an advance of the ambient conscience and the reinforcement of the institutions for the sustainable development. It appeals the conscience Being able them Public and the society, in the direction to create or to develop a legal system capable to protect the environment, from the sustainable development. The eradication of the poverty, the protection of the health human being and the promotion of sustainable human nestings appear as objective social of the Agenda. In Brazil, the national agenda will depend on state agendas, and these, in turn, of local agendas, when each authority will initiate the local dialogue with its citizens and organizations for the approval of an Agenda 21. So that the work was not left of side, an evaluation of the results of Agenda 21 in 1997 was foreseen, in charge of the General meeting of the ONU and the Commission for the Sustainable Development. Agenda 21 consists of one document consensual for which they had at the beginning contributed governments and institutions of the civil society of 179 countries in a process that lasted two years and culminated with the accomplishment of the Conference of United Nations on Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD), already mentioned of this exposition.


We need to create our children with more security and, for this, we need to join forces in the direction to attract the society to acquire knowledge it of that the violence can destroy families and provoke a great evil for all the population. But, she is necessary to define what it is violence and as manifest it if in the social seio. It is of if knowing that the violence has different aspects and in diverse circumstances. The lack of dialogues between parents and children, inside of house, for example, can provoke violncias that go to leave pra are and to reach those directly that is next; friends and relatives. In the school the violence is transfigurada can be occulted in each face, in each gesture, since most innocent to more the chemical preparation. Some they go to say that the school has commitment with everything this. She is clearly that the school must preserve for the physical and moral integrity of the pupils of the side of inside, but it does not have responsibility with the nature of each one. The school is a sociability environment where all have rights and mutual duties, monitored pedagogically, in order to promote the education as form to search the knowledge. She is necessary to value the life from the family so that the children and the adolescents are prepared for promotion of the peace, in order to in common bring comfort and security for the life. We need, also, to protect the school before it if really transforms into an empire of the violence.

Public Administration

The licitation has as one of its main objectives to show the importance of the processes licitatrio in the act of contract of public services as form to fight the frauds and with this it is necessary to attempt against the importance of the advantages of the licitatrios processes, the form as she is described the characteristics of a proclamation and to identify the types of more constant frauds in the process of licitation of public institutions. The public agents assigned consider themselves responsible for the licitation by authority of ability by means of proper administrative act to integrate licitation commission, to be proclamer or to carry through the licitation in the modality invitation. The licitation commission is created by the administration with the function to receive, to examine and to judge all the relative documents and procedures to the cadastre of bidders and the licitations in the competition modalities, taking of price and invitation. One knows that, to be able to alienate, to acquire or to lease good, to carry through workmanships or services, to make concessions, permissions of workmanship, service or of exclusive use of public good, the Administration must obey a procedure constitutionally guaranteed, that is the licitation. Through such administrative procedure, the Public Administration convokes the interested parties to the presentation of proposals, with the target to select that one that if to show more convenient in function of parameters previously divulged. In reason of these parameters, the object appears of the study carried through, the licitation modalities. The modalities represent the most different species of certame so that, after all, the contract with the Public Administration is established.

The law n 8,666/93, that it makes use on licitations and public contracts, prescribes the existing modalities in our order, that are the competition, the taking of price, the invitation, the competition and the auction. The legal ditames suggest predetermined requirements so that if it defines which the modality or type to be applied in the licitatrio certame, obeying the analysis of factors as quality, income, price, technique to be employee, foreseen stated period, among others, that conjugated or separately, will determine the qualified or apt companies to contract with the Public Administration. Provisional remedy n 2,026/00 created still new modality, proclamation, that brought sufficient innovations that they had caused, of a side, good received, but also much controversy and concern. It brings as great newness inversion of the qualification phases and judgment, causing a bigger rapidity and efficiency to the certame. On the other hand, it denotes much concern, therefore it confronts the normative hierarchy, as well as opposes, in some aspects, the principles of the legality, due process of law and of legal defense. For everything this, understands that it must have, that on the part of the Executive, as well as of the legislative, bigger attention and reflection how much to this new bred modality. In fact, it urged that the procedure was dinamizasse, but the innovations must be implemented of gradual and enlightening form, obeying the guarantees constitutional, as well as being guided for the principles that guide and consecrate the Administrative law.

Valle Trees

It has an initiated workmanship, as it was the wall to contain the caused estragos, to put, this paralyzed has months. Asked on the presence of the mayor or another local authority, it was repassed in them that the mayor already was in the place, went down of the car, looked at and only was even so. height=’ ‘ 320’ ‘ src=’ ‘ ‘ ‘ width=’ ‘ 274’ ‘ /> Unfinished workmanship decrees next it, about one 03 (three) meters of distance. Photo: Gerson of the Valle Canind, to the side of Juazeiro of the North, is the main polar region of the religious tourism in the state of the Cear. The devotion to the padroeiro saint of the city annually takes thousand of worshippers and tourist to the city, where the biggest franciscana pilgrimage of the world happens. In the headquarters of the city, it is the Basilica of San Francisco of the Chagas, constructed at the beginning of century 20; also very visited.

It decrees it of San Francisco, already it arrived to be white of quarrel, data to its size, to have idea, the image of the Christ Redentor in the city of Rio De Janeiro, has accurate the 30 meters of height, according to Riotur (Company of Tourism of the City of Rio De Janeiro), being this, one of the seven wonders of the world. Our intention as journalist and formador of opinion, is to awake the local authorities, so that the same one if certifys of the today there existing problem, the same time where we call the attention the secretariat health of the city, for the question of the combat the affection in our state, deflagrada campaign the national level in the last year and that much has worried to Cid governor Gomes and the authorities of health of our state, a time that: as we can evidence in I lease, the probability of the larva of the transmitting mosquito of the affection to be if developing in the accumulated water decrees at one’s feet it, is very great, however a professional of the area of the health will only be able to affirm with bigger precision if she exists or it presence of the larva of the mosquito in that water and still not to place a plate of warning to the romeiros so that they do not use the same one before exactly analyzes or after to be initiate an adequate treatment for the conservation of the same one. Other Photos: a general vision of Estatua for the lateral, very well next great erosion, the romeiros fears that the same one can to fall down.