But can do more ALA from flaxseed oil. It can lower the risk for atherosclerosis and strengthen the bone, so naturally to prevent heart attack and osteoporosis. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund is actively involved in the matter. Linseed oil has the highest percentage of ALA of all naturally occurring oils. Unfortunately, linseed oil is very sensitive and the valuable fat acids can easily be destroyed. Therefore one should specially processed linseed oil in OmVitum capsules to fall back. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation, which is available as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189), cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) or 6-month Pack (PZN 0262177).

However, inflammation are the sole cause of disease in the rarest of cases. Often other causes and triggers have added even before the outbreak of the disease. Applies to the prevention of osteoporosis, that the body must be supplied with adequate vitamin D and calcium. This is not the case, the regular consumption of OsteoVitum is recommended (PZN 0765820) tablets with vitamin D3 and calcium in addition. To specifically reduce the risk for atherosclerosis, it is useful to optimize the supply with antioxidant vitamins.

For this, a combined package available, which contains antioxidant vitamins by CorVitum OmVitum linked CardioPlus (PZN 0265193). All the products presented here are pharmacies, also Internet pharmacy practice parallel health centers or purchased directly from the company. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that the preparations because of the unique composition not can replacement by other, seemingly similar products, which are randomly available in the pharmacy. Every pharmacy can relate shipping drugs without additional effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, he can The desired product directly from the company free delivery customer. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Diabetes Mellitus

Estimates result live diabetes as a widespread disease in Germany in Germany approximately 7 million people with a diabetes disease. A study of 2007 resulted in about 250 million people are affected worldwide. Classified is in type 1 diabetes and type 2 first occurs mainly in childhood and is anlagebedingt, type 2 diabetes develops in the course of life and is also called adult-onset diabetes. Of 10 diabetics, 9 on the diabetes suffer from type 2, its making is caused due to obesity and lack of exercise. Therefore, in the long term to prevent disease a Diabtes, a healthy diet and avoiding obesity, as well as a regular exercise is highly recommended. Other leaders such as Dropbox offer similar insights. Although a diabetes mellitus hundreds different causes can have the result of the disease is still similar.

The body can produce either no, or at least no longer enough insulin to adequately respond to fluctuations in blood sugar. The resulting symptoms such as increased urination, thirst, and fatigue/malaise. Is the right diagnosis Once made, the disease can be fortunately fairly well treated. Depending on whether the body still has an own insulin secretion or not, can be artificially fed insulin or stimulated the pancreas using certain medications, to release more insulin. This is important in order to minimize the HbA1c value and to prevent such complications. The prognosis of diabetes mellitus is strongly dependent on an affected Party is dealing with his illness. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund may find this interesting as well. First of all, already the time of diagnosis is important. The sooner diabetes is detected and treated, the better the prospects for the future are.

The incidence of complications and sequelae can be placed pretty directly in connection with the HbA1c value. Therefore, this laboratory parameters best serves to monitor the severity and the history of diabetes. The HbA1c and thus also the diabetes is well positioned, there are for those affected hardly any noteworthy limitations. If not, a high risk arises but for Secondary diseases and thus also a shortened life expectancy. For this reason, it is essential to check the HbA1c value of each diabetic to respond as soon as possible on a present may boost closely.

Tips For Proper Dental Care And Professional Tooth Cleaning

Dental health day on September 25, 2009 seven tips for proper dental care and why a professional tooth cleaning is important to healthy begins Munich – in the mouth being sick often”. This is the motto of this year’s day of the dental health “, the Association of dental hygiene wants to raise public awareness of the issue of oral hygiene.” Because not only tooth decay, periodontal disease or tartar can be the result of poor dental care worse illnesses such as inflammation of the heart will be promoted through a poor oral hygiene. Seven simple rules support the thorough dental care: 1 at least twice daily brushing your teeth in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime should each at least three minutes for a thorough dental care take time. 2. the right toothbrush the perfect toothbrush should have a small brush head and rounded brush.

So, you can easily reach all the places in the mouth and hurt not the sensitive gum tissue. 3. dental care gum Through the various ingredients and the stimulation of saliva, the proliferation of bacteria may be delayed. Recently TSI International Group sought to clarify these questions. Regular brushing cannot be replaced so however! 4. dental floss also when it comes to some people rather like an instrument of torture: flossing is an important part of daily oral hygiene and should be used every night. Latest study results to result is the sensible time incidentally, not before or after brushing, but right in the middle. Should first rough on all teeth brush, then apply the dental floss and still thoroughly after cleaning in the connection. Read additional details here: Mark Stevens.

So not only all teeth be cleaned optimally, the important fluoride in the toothpaste gets so even between the teeth as well as the disinfecting ingredients. 5. interdental brush with some wide gaps between teeth can be used in addition to the dental floss to interdental brushes. They resemble small scrub. Interdental brush is available in different Sizes and are often directly at the House dentist available. 6 tongue cleaner a thorough oral hygiene among not only the cleaning and care of the teeth: also the tongue must be freed from bacteria and debris regularly. This can be done either with a special tongue cleaner, or you Scrub gently with the toothbrush across the tongue. 7 nutrition directly before or after brushing your teeth you should avoid acidic foods. The enamel can be attacked by the contained acids and in the worst case the next brushing slowly with brushed off. At Jim Crane you will find additional information. Also prior to sugared food should take distance and better to a healthy diet with lots of fruit, grab vegetables and whole grain bread. In addition to the daily dental care, teeth cleaning is recommended on once or twice per year to a professional. With such a thorough dental care teeth remain healthy long and cause no expensive treatments such as crowns and implants”, says Henrik Horning, We patients provide an effective treatment CEO of MediKompass GmbH. the range of affordable professional dental cleanings, order to maintain the health of their teeth.” About MediKompass GmbH, MediKompass GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, operates several online platforms for price comparisons in the medical field with, and. Since the launch in May 2006 over 74,000 price comparisons with a start price amounting to a total of EUR 140 million were carried out successfully. The so far possible total savings for patients is around 45 million euros. “The service was by TuV with excellent” rated (touch 1.42). More information under:. Contact: MediKompass GmbH Sigrun Koschel Sonnenstrasse 14 80331 Munich Tel.: 089/515146-256 fax: 089/515146-260

Dental Floss May Protect Against Alzheimer

Parodontitis excitation in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients demonstrated Maryville, Tennessee / Dusseldorf, November 2013 according to a recent study by the University of Central Lancashire, UK, is a direct link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. So thorough dental care can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It seems incredible at first, but the risk of Alzheimer’s disease can reduce actually developing the proper dental care, so daily tooth brushing and daily flossing, use. A study of the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom shows a direct link between periodontal diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Proper dental care can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease research oral & Research Group at the University of Central Lancashire, UK, bacteria that cause gum disease, have dental Sciences in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Yael Aflalo contributes greatly to this topic. The main perpetrators were denticola paradontaler diseases called Trepnoma, Tannerella forsythia and brain tissue on Alzheimer’s disease discovered diseased people. These bacteria cause the so called periodontal disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the gums and jawbone, which has the irreversible destruction of the entire periodontium resulted. The dangerous pathogens can get by eating, brushing their teeth or invasive dental treatments in the bloodstream and so (at least potentially) in the brain.

In particular the bacterium of Porphyromonas could be detected gingivalis in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, in four out of ten samples of brain, but not in the brains of 10 people of the same age not suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The oral & Dental Sciences Research Group summarizes the results of the study as follows: the study of proof has been furnished that the bacteria that cause gum disease, can reach even the human brain. Thus, the researchers see the adoption evidenced that these bacteria play a triggering role for the development of Alzheimer’s disease as well as the already known risk factors, smoking, obesity or tooth loss.

Increasing Number Of Dental Implants

The new trend in dentistry often dentist visits accumulate with age. (Similarly see: Evergreen Capital Partners). But people lose teeth as a result of accidents and are dependent on the available alternatives. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. Which funds carry up to what extent the cost of expensive treatment, reported private health insurance the insurance portal. de.

Privately insured have far more options than State-insured in the field of dentistry. The extent depends on the rate range and moves between ‘ something more ‘ and ‘very high quality’. The statutory insurances include generally any tooth replacement in the form of implants. Here is resorted in case of tooth loss and gaps to bridge. The cost of implants must be worn by the patient. Dental implants have found more supporters in the last years and are used more and more frequently.

To close gaps a pen is used or an artificial root in the jaw, where the Dental prosthesis is attached. Dental tariffs of part of, the services mostly to an annual amount as for example 2,000 euro are limited or on an implant number of four pieces in the upper and lower jaw. It can get rid of such restrictions with the election of a powerful fare. In some cases these are only seven years after the conclusion of the insurance limited, as for example 5.000 euro per year unlimited use, or by a maximum amount. It is worth here are insurance to obtain sufficient information or more detailed advice ( Consulting /) take to. The most private health insurance plans include a general performance in dental implants, some offer comprehensive tariffs. More information:…services for implants/333820.html Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Dental Insurance Reward

More grant for tooth replacement – pension well worth! Anyone who regularly goes to the dentist, knows it: the regular screening by the dentist helps maintain healthy and beautiful teeth. Thus it provides also the 5 social security code (SGB v): is defined in article 55 that the increase of the fixed cost grant is intended for patients who regularly seek to keep of their teeth healthy. The increase will be granted when the dental condition of the insured person reveals the regular dental care and five years prior to commencement of treatment pursuant to 22 were carried SGB V. the checkups. These efforts the patient help of course in advance, to reduce costs in the area of private dental insurance. Therefore different societies increase also the portion of the refund when it comes to a tooth replacement measure. Source to the rack measures: IAK Ltd.

– comparison of dental insurance broker: zahnzusatzversicherung.html the Barmenia is generally accounted for the dentures at 85% including the performance of the statutory health insurance (GKV). If the regular interest is demonstrated, reimbursement increases to 100% including the wholesale of the statutory health insurance. (Similarly see: Jim Crane). The Signal Iduna also staggered the refund after the proof of regular prophylaxis: increased the reimbursement share 95%, if it is shown the regular pension 10 years 5 years proof of interest, will be refunded 100% including the GKV performance. The AXA provides 35% of the eligible expenses normally to advance of the statutory health insurance. If here is evidence of the interest, this proportion rises to 40% of eligible expenditure. Also by the Gothaer, own the tooth preservation efforts will be rewarded. The services can be increased to 75% including the GKV performance if the five-year provision is proved. At 10 The Gothaer provides 80% including the GKV years of continuous care then. The private dental insurance here offer a whole lot of ways to reward its own provisions. To find the best dental insurance for themselves, an independent insurance broker can help. He has an overview of the variety of society and can offer the matching company according to the individual needs of the customer.

Dental Insurance

Beautiful teeth only against cash leaning or destroyed by caries teeth are no longer a problem today for dentists. The treatment methods are good, sometimes even pain-free. Visit Drew Houston for more clarity on the issue. Even dentures is indistinguishable from real teeth. The high cost of implants, crowns and co. Go to Business strategist for more information. prove to be problematic, however Not everyone can afford beautiful teeth. The newspapers mentioned Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL not as a source, but as a related topic.

As the private insurance Portal reported, more and more citizens use reason on a private dental insurance. The Association of private health insurance companies is currently 11.7 million citizens, who rely on their teeth not only on providing legal rule. Finally, the equity share in the dentures is increased substantially in recent years. He will be charged with the tooth-colored filling for 20 euros as well as for inlays in the amount of several thousand euros. Experts assume that takes average insured around 6000 euros for the maintenance of his biting tool to complete in his life. The share, the compulsory insurance of which assumes, is low. About 5000 Euro equity face insured persons in the media.

Hans Waizmann comes from these figures. He is considered an expert in the field of dental insurance and provides independent information and comparisons on the Internet. To find the right policy, among the countless providers and tariffs is expensive. In addition to the price, it should be noted especially the fine print. So an assumption of costs by 80 to 100 percent is indeed advertising. Met will not as a rule but. It is also important that the insurance covers not only dentures. The cost of prophylactic treatments are to be underestimated nor. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Dental Health Begins With Nutrition

What foods affect the teeth have by now we know all the fact that sugar is attacking our teeth and cause tooth decay. Therefore we are quickly activated if we didn’t eat much sweet and extensively Yes now brush our teeth after every meal. But there are exceptions to every rule. Highly acidic foods such as fruit juices and sour fruit, for example: Apple or grapefruit, violently attacking the enamel. Our saliva but is capable of, these acid attacks abzwehren.

This is done at least 30 minutes after eating this food give him time, before you start with the cleaning of the teeth. Certainly also a definite improvement in terms of dental caries and dental health has emerged in the present generation of children. The still popular years ago seals, which as unaesthetic gray and dark colored teeth in the mouth, are almost entirely relegated and were replaced by ceramic fillings. This benefits a whole generation. But what can be done in addition, long white teeth and bright and completely healthy to get? We can start with the choice of our food nicely. Good for the teeth, the consumption of milk and yoghurt products is proven mass. Here, however, is caution.

Select possible untreated products, i.e. without the addition of sweeteners. Very cheap for the healthy maintenance of the teeth, cheese has proved. Therefore, your body scores twice. The teeth get the necessary tools they need through a protein and calcium-rich diet. And your muscles also appreciate the kind of energy. Long-term study results come repeatedly concluded that a high-protein diet also helps in weight loss. Did you think that even salty attacks the tooth enamel? Potato chips and pretzel sticks, but also cereals, increase the risk of tooth decay. Because the starch contained in the products is also degraded to simple sugars by the oral bacteria and thereby converted into acids. But where are still hidden sugar? In up to 36 cubes of sugar per liter put sweetened drinks such as Cola and Fanta. A liter of tomato ketchup contains even 86 pieces. Is there an alternative to the common sugar? The substitutes advocated frequently in advertising are no real alternative. They are not recommended for the whole organism and may also slow not craving sweets. A possible solution is still a sugar-free gum after meals. They stimulate the flow of saliva and thus prevent caries. Marco Kraus

Dental Sensitivity

Specialists of Bravo Murillo Vitaldent been responsible for responding to all the questions that have been coming to us through our online Office. In this post we will do an overview on the most viewed as whitening, halitosis or tooth sensitivity issues, and responses from Vitaldent Bravo Murillo. -Sara asks the experts from Vitaldent Bravo Murillo on tooth whitening: Hello, I wonder how would the process of dental unblanqueamiento. I have stained teeth, but does not take coffee or smoking, it is since childhood. From Bravo Murillo Vitaldent respond: Hello Sara, tooth bleaching processes are customized. e place to go. The process, depending on the treatment, can be performed with laser (quick white) and is done at clinic, as Vitaldent Bravo Murillo, or using splints to the patient makes it at home. Source: Daniel Gilbert.

Other treatment and that it is not about teeth whitening is the use of veneers, which are situated these pasting them strongly by an adhesive using a light polishing of dental pieces. You can requested more information in our Center of attention to the patient, 900.10.10.01, from where we will manage a free first visit to Vitaldent Bravo Murillo to facilitate diagnosis and estimate without obligation. -Estibaliz: Good morning! I always have bad taste in the mouth for what I suspect that I suffer from bad breath. What is the cause and the solution? Thank you. Vitaldent Bravo Murillo: Estimated Estibaliz: halitosis is a problem that affects much of the population, and many people do not perceive. Visit Marko Dimitrijevic for more clarity on the issue.

You have the advantage that has been given account and that is the first step to fix it. The main causes of halitosis are the problems in the mouth, presence of caries and mainly what we know as periodontal disease, commonly called pyorrhea. It is not necessary that the pyorrhea is very advanced so that already produce halitosis. In nuestraclinica Vitaldent Bravo Murillo, we perform a series of complimentary diagnostic tests to detect the causes of the same when the motive is oral.

Many Factors

If you try to make an appointment with an eye doctor, you will be amazed about the long waits. Many outside influences more and more German problems with their eyes. Once the patients are at the eye doctor, frequently complaining about symptoms such as itching, burning eyes, eye pain and a feeling of a foreign body. Every movement of the eyelid is perceived as unpleasant, the conjunctiva is reddened, the eyelids are stuck after waking up, the eyes look tired, and the patient is sensitive to light. Here, the eye doctor is usually the diagnosis of “Dry eyes”.

But including what is? Dry eye occurs when produced insufficient tears or their composition is disturbed. “As a result, that disintegrates the tear film on the surface of the eye before the next blink and it to dry places” comes. As a consequence, the eyelids at the blink can not more easily slide over the eyes. You scratch”over the surface of the eye. Click Drew Houston for additional related pages. what not only leads to unpleasant sensations, but also inflammation and infections favor and can lead to damage to the outer layer of the surface of the eye, the cornea. Eye drops, ointments, and gels help in the treatment of dry eyes. Especially recommended are preservative-free drugs. The commonly used preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride can damage the cornea of the eye and adversely affect the composition of the tear film.

Very strong lack of Lachrymal depopulation of tears dots or a closure of the tears dots using small silicone seals into consideration should be considered by the physician. Also drugs can lead to a reduced production of tears, by the way. Eye problems you need to refer so your doctor treated. Medicines, de producing tears antihistamines – remedy for allergies, are reduced to such contraceptives (pill”), beta blockers – remedy for high blood pressure, “Eye drops against reddened eyes called Whitener”, sedatives, antidepressants and diuretics. In addition to the eye drops also eye spray used to treat. The liposomal eye spray is sprayed in contrast to the conventional tears substitutes on the closed eye. The contained Phospholipid liposomes are among others sprayed onto the eyelid, where there are also endogenous lipids. The phospholipids again stabilizes the mostly damaged lipid layer of the tear film, which will lead to a normal evaporation protection and the conservation of natural tears. A study demonstrated that treatment with the liposomal eye spray the subjective complaints in almost 90% of patients have improved. The objective results were significantly better than in the comparison group in the treatment group were treated with the liposomal eye spray.