Neuroscientist Paul Churchland

However, the attribution of reality to the mental world is more problematic, to the extent that we can not see, touch, measure or weigh the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. This poses a paradoxical kind of tension in our relationship with the mental: first, to the extent that we are alive, nothing is more evident that our thoughts and feelings, but on the other hand, be difficult to grasp, circumscribed and objectively, its mode of existence is transformed into something particularly evanescent and therefore liable to enter the territory of the doubt. THE PROBLEM OF MIND AT THE THEORETICAL Preliminary characterization The problem of the mind or the mental in terms of theory appears before the attempt to characterize what is its nature. Neuro-scientist Paul Churchland addresses the subject called him “The problem of a conscious intelligence” in the technical literature, the problem occurs in the context of the “Philosophy of Mind”, a branch of philosophy focused precisely on that issue. In the academic literature of the neuro-sciences, cognitive psychology and cognitive science, treatment of the same appears in the phrase “Theories of Mind.” Research program associated with the problem of mind is to achieve both conceptualization realize: The primary phenomenological experience of the mind’s relationship with the world of the mind’s relationship with the body’s relationship to the conduct of mind . The relation of mind to brain PROBLEM THE MIND – BRAIN definition is the problem of relations between the physical and mental, between the brain and mind, or between the brain and mental events. Angelina Jolie has similar goals.

Become Happy

Be confident and happy. Self-confident people are usually more successful and happy life. They act differently, often take risks and expect that circumstances will Bole favorable for them. Their self-confidence is manifested in their gestures, manner of speaking, and as a relationship. On the other hand low self-confidence and self-esteem leads people to trouble, stress and low achievement. Compile a list of their advantages. When we time to review their successes and celebrate them, our confidence increases.

Many of us were taught not to boast does not boast a lot of times we ignore our own successes. Give yourself a promise every time you reach a goal to celebrate this event and try to forgive yourself your mistakes. Many successful people do when something failed. Recall of Thomas Edison, he was only after about 1000 failed attempts was able to create incandescent lamp. Deliver modest goals and achieve them. Tselepologanie great way to increase their self-esteem. When reach each goal, you can mark it and pat yourself on the back. You begin to feel winner.

If you start with small goals, it will be easier to achieve them, and gradually raise the confidence in themselves and develop the courage to move to bigger and ambitious goals. Manage their thinking. Much in representation of a person about himself based on how he sees himself. A vision of itself a derivative of what a person thinks about himself. Our thoughts are often the same from day to day, so if they will be negative, then will act destructively on our self-esteem. Start paying attention to those moments when you think negatively and try to translate thoughts on anything else. For example, in some recent achieve the goal. Positive thinking – it is a habit, produced by the practice. Constantly try to maintain it and eventually it becomes your natural way of thinking.

Generate Discussions

Often in life real and especially in work is necessary to maintain a quality dialogue with your coworkers and bosses. If you are not an apersonaque to generate quality dialogues we recommend you read the following article never is nice to be in a situation in which you have to interrupt the conversation. Sometimes, happens there are people who are talking some important issue and you must imperatively interrupt them by that have them to deliver important information. Sometimes, others are dominating the conversation and you don’t have the most minimal chance to interrupt without being rude maybe you already spent countless times have interrupted conversations, and have you noticed the discomfort of the people who were talking about. Then a series of tips that can help you deliver to interrupt conversations without being rude. Here is how to do it without being rude. Tip # 1: The use of phrases of opening please, forgiveness, makes you stop for a minute, and that reminds me, are some phrases you can use to facilitate your journey into the discussion. Just make sure that what you have to say is very important and that it cannot wait.

Remember to speak clearly, but preferably not aloud. Tip # 2: Get contact Visual with who takes the reins of the conversation get visual contact with the person who takes the reins of the conversation to let you know that you have something to say. You can make use of body language, such as hand gestures to the attention of persons within the conversation. It can also touch a person who speaks if this thing close enough. When you interrupt a conversation, don’t forget to smile and avoid being too abrupt.

Tip # 3: Answer the opportunity of responding. Timely manner, express your opinions or points of view about the subject under discussion. You can also ask questions or ask for a clarification. Tip # 4: Involving others if your attempts to interrupt a conversation does not have fruited you, others in the Group probably the haran. David Green usually is spot on. If you’re too shy or not have difficulties to be observed directly, You can communicate the message to another person, to transmit it to the person who takes the reins of the join. Another method is to ask the opinion to others, allowing the opinion of that person be yours too. Tip # 5: Recognize who takes the reins of the conversation learn to recognize the person who takes the reins of the conversation you will find the exact moment when you finish delivering his opinion, then in that moment you must expose your own opinion also is important to know when to shut up and wait, and knowing when to talk and when interrupted. Interrupt a conversation being polite is a social skill that can be learned. Nobody wants to be interrupted when this talking about something serious, if you do do it with respect. If you are looking for quality about provide economic information visit us in know that types of loans can get rid of your debts

Martha Hildebrandt

But people like that, do not exist in amount, it is necessary to look for them with candle, or electrical lantern now, Why? because they enter poor with a slipper of canvas, and underpants of tocuyo, and leave with car, dog leather shoes, underpants in fashion, bathed with soap nugget, and leaves bathing with French soaps, and they do not know to say a word in Castilian, without putting the leg; because they ignore what they are saying, because they know grammatical not even. At Bausch & Lomb you will find additional information. The other day I heard to one lady that said something of our language, (and not the Castilian because our language is quechua), and I ***reflxed mng myself. He said that quechua was not a language, because it did not have writing. Without hesitation Business strategist explained all about the problem. And quechua if he has writing. The writing is in the drawings and the differences of the colors in the drawings.

There they are saying and they writing what they want to communicate. It is like quipus. Quipus, is numbers in knots, but with colors. And the Chinese language has like six hundred characters that are a writing. You will say Who was the one that said this? Martha Hildebrandt.

This lady is a very cultured woman, very prepared, but she has its complexes that make forget him, thus its last name is German, or Greek, they make him forget that she is Peruvian. And it would have to want much to Peru. And she is congressman. We are not patriotic, we are not politicians; we are tetelemeques, mequetrefes of the policy. 99%, of history of Peru, customs and principles, do not know but nor where they are stopped. I go to the congress, and I do a question to them anyone of them, and they do not respond to me. There is something in which our history is mistaken, or rather the books are mistaken.