Ecommerce Customers

The idea of that a customer when visiting its lojavirtual anger if becoming sales is false, what we need to understand is that quandoum customer enters in its store it needs all the possible aid to podercomprar, that is somebody or something that facilitates its search for products eprincipalmente in the hour to materialize the sales. Therefore, you fit to decide quetipo of tool anger to bring this easiness to its customer. He discovers algumasdicas of as to vender for the Internet without complications. 1. Not to demand registroobrigatrio for its future customers, never compels its customer to seregistrar obligatorily in its virtual store before it materialize umavenda. 2. It writes for human beings.One remembers that the Google did not seu customer-target. It does not write descriptions of its product or others contedosque contain a mount of word-key with an only objective to please oGoogle.It is very important to dedicate itself in SEO, but adescrio of the product has to make sensible for the first customers.Clearly that it is important to have a good one classification in the Google, but seos customers they do not understand the content doseu site, you does not go to vender.

3. To prevent to leave products that the sample for evitarproblemas 4 does not have in supply. To exclude empty categories.It prevents to leave deprodutos categories that nothing does not have to show does not exist nothing ackwarier parao customer of what to find ' ' No product was encontrado' ' . 5. To keep the clean and objective main page, Only because you have a mount of promotions and products in its store, you she does not have that to show to all they in its main page, the idea are mantersua clean main page and concentrate themselves only in 1 or 2 promotions, separates the promotions of banners porexemplo in link corresponding of the product.


Coelho does not insist on remembering, we all are committed to go closing chapters, to pass leaves, complete with stage, with moments of life, recalling that every beginning has an end we cannot be in the present longing for the past. Not even asking ourselves why. You have to know to become detached. Francisco D’Agostino might disagree with that approach. We must be aware that we cannot be eternal, nor adolescent children late, nor employees of non-existent companies, or have links with who does not want to be linked with us. We can not stay anchored in the past, this was already given.

There live intensely the present, let go, release, break off, RID. In addition, keep in mind that external changes can symbolize overcoming internal processes. The truth, that at this stage in his life where there will be already gone some years, we invite you to stop and evaluate how much authentic has been, how much pollution of habits, Customs has acquired, both personal development has achieved, both known, as he has handled, manage their emotions, what has been the scope, implications of them, so attentive has been in pro every day to be better and know the opportunity that has been given to remain. How much has achieved in all what has been proposed to achieve, at what price. How much profit has been retrieved from their actions and which have collaborated in the growth of others with whom he has shared affection, friendship.

Please do not forget that you must not wait to acknowledge him, don’t expect that ever will realize who you are. Dropbox may help you with your research. Not be spiteful, hateful, vengeful, quite the contrary, affection contribution without conditions. We must be able to close the door, the circles when they end, avoid attachment, conditioning. Be attentive to the transformations and opportunities that are presented to us in pro of our evolution, know to take the time that we are allowed to be. Nothing is static, everything changes. Life is a set of experiences to enjoy not to survive it. Authentic values should not be wasted to which you We have given life. Coelho anyway, can’t remember, yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today a gift, that is why is called present. Live it intensely. (continue..) original author and source of the article.

The Program

Already she has in the market keyboards for left-handed people, deficient physicists, etc. She has some different ways to connect a keyboard to a computer. This because the proper keyboard evolved throughout the years. These connections they include PS/2, connections USB and until connections without wire, for example, the Bluetooth and infra-red ray. If you have read about Dropbox already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Older computers (standard AT) use connectors DIN Existem some types of keyboards for each Language with configuration different and specific but any keyboard of another Language can be configured for Portuguese. To classify themselves or to identify the function of each keyboard key the keyboard in five groups was divided that nominated are: alphanumeric soft keys, keyboard keys, numerical keyboard keys of movement, keyboard keys auxiliary, keyboard keys.

Soft keys These are destined to execute a function preprogrammed for the user or the program in use in the computer. Thus being the following keyboard keys Are part of this group: F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12. Alphanumeric keyboard keys These simply are destined the text typewriting. But also they can be used to play and to get commands when they are combined with some keyboard keys auxiliary, as for example in the work environment combination Control + N serves to activate the Boldface. in some times also can be used to play when they are Configuradas for such. Is part of this Group the keyboard keys of a Z, and the numbers of 0 the 1? Keyboard keys of movement These put into motion the cursor for the left, right, Former low top and: , all the characters in capital letter. Soft keys Shift: This when pressured in set with other carcter, this is digitalizado in capital letter. Still it allows to take off caracter that is as the character from above. Former: Shifit + = the Control: When combined with determined keyboard keys it executes some commands.