Unemployment can be studied under the approach of psychology, sociology and economy, despite for this article we will take shape to the psycho-social causes. It does not have to be strange to us that it is indicated that unemployment is product of the nature of the man and the society in that it is lived. That an individual finds use or no, depends, besides the economic and social factors, of factors of psychological nature that very deserve to be taken into account that is to say: It brings back to consciousness individual. The ideal of many is not to work. A mystic becomes necessary of work, since the value of an individual is bound to the activity that exerts within the society. The psychic stability, that is to say the psychological traumas which had to lived experiences to a large extent, falls and even they annul the activity of the people. The atmosphere in which the person lives, talks about to if this one is unfavorable. The man does not have motivation to work or lacks average doing it.

The neoliberal system is to a large extent responsible for this situation. The dynamics of the individual, has to do that if the individual does not have interest, it does not look for use, does not obtain it loses or it. The intellectual and physical capacities, on the matter Surez, indicates that the deficiency of aptitudes closes to the person the doors of a use, this day to day is observed in our surroundings, where more and more demanding the requirements of knowledge and abilities. Nevertheless. Considrese that these capacities partly are acquired and depend on the culture. This as well, depends to a large extent on the opportunity that the society of a everyone. The character of the individual, that is to say that are conflicting people or with a complex that hardly obtains employment.

Start Your Summer Sightseeing In England

June is one of the best months to go on vacation to England and the weather is pleasant, the days are longer and also held a lot of events do something different! Grab a map of England and begins the tour: First stop: Buckingham Palace, London in June, the English celebrate the birthday of the queen, but really your birthday is in April, but if you research a bit on the find that since the time of Edward VII of the festivities during the days of better weather in June. The celebration is a spectacular parade of troops at Buckingham Palace presided over by the Queen and telecast to the whole country. If you decide to visit London this month to find out if your trip coincides with this birthday so special. For athletes: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, London If you like sports give you the best excuse to visit England. Six weeks before the first Monday of August is the most famous tennis tournament in the world at Wimbledon, a small suburb south of London. Up is curious that this tournament is that the followers of the English team since 1936 are awaiting the victory of one of their athletes. If you get tickets for the event will be the luckiest person in England! They are famous for the lines of people spending the night to find some of the tickets offered for sale.

To start the music: Glastonbury Festival, Somerset England’s music tagged whole chapters of world history, where better than in the land of the Beatles can enjoy live music? The Glastonbury festival has been held for more than three decades, and its first edition the day after the death of Jimmy Hendrix. If you are spending your advantage to attend any of the numerous music festivals held in the country throughout the year, but especially in summer. Speeding Grand Prix Silverstone, Buckinghamshire in Buckinghamshire, a small town on the map of England, home to one of the most anticipated events for motor enthusiasts, the Grand Prix at Silverstone. Do not miss the opportunity to see Alonso win away from home. This award of Formula 1 is held in an old airfield dormant since World War II, and it can serve as an excuse to visit the cities of England most unknown. These are some of the plans with which you can start your summer. If you want more information about England not forget to visit their tourist offices also can explore the online version.


Madrid-Barajas airport is the largest of Spain with regard to passengers, operations and air cargo traffic. By number of passengers, it is the fourth in importance in Europe and the twelfth globally. It is located in the District of Barajas, in the Northwest of the city of Madrid, about 12 kilometers from the center of the Spanish capital. Also with four terminals as well as two main zones for hangars. It also has four physical parallel runways two to two, one of which is used as a parking lot track. Regarding the parking Barajas airport has seven public parking areas which are precisely located in the buildings of terminals T1, T2-T3 and T4.

Likewise, the parking long term Barajas has a total of 920 seats and allows you to make reservations with a minimum of 48 hours. They are also some parking sites a few kilometers that offers a shuttle service to reach the airport. In addition to offering a service full of parking Madrid, Barajas airport offers a number of services for the traveller as VIP rooms (with personalized information and catering service), rental car through six companies spread in areas of arrival of the T1 and T4 terminals, a meter capable of carrying passengers from Madrid to the T4 terminal, a rail line that connects the city with the T4 terminal and others. Transportation to the airport is not a problem not only for the services described above. There are also several bus lines that arrive to the airport from the Center and the periphery of Madrid. Public taxis which are spread between different terminals are of course also stops pair zones. For travelers who have to wait for long hours before you take your flight, the airport Barajas offers them a series of, to make the time pass more quickly. For example there are shops of all kinds among which it is possible to find department stores, shops of fashion and accessories, florists, perfumery and cosmetics, watches, jewelry and jewelry, stores of gifts and houseware, pharmacies and others.