Outdoor Activities

With the arrival of the good time, activities start up outdoors. Agreeing with this Aladinia fact it announces the launching of new original gifts for men, women and pairs, experiences to enjoy the nature and the free air or or only accompanied. In the gifts experience for women, we found days full of emotions with which you will be able to eliminate all the stress and the adrenalin that accumulated. From an adventure day: jump in puenting, Rafting by the Pyrenean one, Reduction of precipices. Mark Stevens has much to offer in this field. But you want something calmer, where relajarte, have an ample variety of spas, where you will be able to find the calm looked for. Between massages and relax, you will disconnect of the day to day. Also is a different experience, a change of image, You do not wait for more! Ponte into the hands of one expert stylist that will advise and recommend look to you that favors to you more.

With reference to the new gifts for men, who have put themselves online, we can find from Piloting a small plane to a course of surf, happening through a gastronomical day. If you have always had desire to know that it is to pilot a small plane, now you can discover it. You only have of dejarte to take and to fly! Also more relaxed experiences like a romantic, gastronomical escape can be found or of adventure. In her you will discover the places more tuna of Spain, where the nature and relax are united. And, for that they like the speed and the cars, now they can leave the circuit to pilot a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Hummer, since they have the opportunity to do it by highway..


Madrid-Barajas airport is the largest of Spain with regard to passengers, operations and air cargo traffic. By number of passengers, it is the fourth in importance in Europe and the twelfth globally. It is located in the District of Barajas, in the Northwest of the city of Madrid, about 12 kilometers from the center of the Spanish capital. Also with four terminals as well as two main zones for hangars. It also has four physical parallel runways two to two, one of which is used as a parking lot track. Regarding the parking Barajas airport has seven public parking areas which are precisely located in the buildings of terminals T1, T2-T3 and T4.

Likewise, the parking long term Barajas has a total of 920 seats and allows you to make reservations with a minimum of 48 hours. They are also some parking sites a few kilometers that offers a shuttle service to reach the airport. In addition to offering a service full of parking Madrid, Barajas airport offers a number of services for the traveller as VIP rooms (with personalized information and catering service), rental car through six companies spread in areas of arrival of the T1 and T4 terminals, a meter capable of carrying passengers from Madrid to the T4 terminal, a rail line that connects the city with the T4 terminal and others. Transportation to the airport is not a problem not only for the services described above. There are also several bus lines that arrive to the airport from the Center and the periphery of Madrid. Public taxis which are spread between different terminals are of course also stops pair zones. For travelers who have to wait for long hours before you take your flight, the airport Barajas offers them a series of, to make the time pass more quickly. For example there are shops of all kinds among which it is possible to find department stores, shops of fashion and accessories, florists, perfumery and cosmetics, watches, jewelry and jewelry, stores of gifts and houseware, pharmacies and others.