Taktifol – The Foil Against Chaos

The recordable film ‘Taktifol Fire’ is liable due to static charge on vehicles. It is printed on the boxes for the representation of the situation. You may find that Darcy Stacom, New York City can contribute to your knowledge. For the graphical representation of tactics in ball games Alfred Stoffler developed the recordable foil Taktifol already several years ago”. Times, 80 centimeters is located on a roll total 25 sheets of a60. The Clou: The individual arches are collapsible pocket size and stick due to static charge on walls, doors, Windows and vehicles. After, Taktifol can use”again completely deducted. Drew Houston follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Is the surface is not too dirty, the foil can be used several times.

When labelling with Taktistick “-Stiften can wipe the user again the caption with a dry paper towel or your fingers. What works in the sport, can be used meaningfully in the fire area, now thought Dennis ALB Ecker, warehouse Taktifol and Deputy military head of the FF Hagenbach (RP). As for the able representation at missions. Together with military leader Volker Zaucker and Thomas Schneider of the integrated control Center South Palatinate ALB Ecker designed for”the print of the film Taktifol fire. We had to find a good mix between required fields, fields for managing individual squads, as well as fields that are freely writable. Because every military Chief has other ideas, as he represents its location”, explains Zaucker. Goal was to create a film that meets virtually all situations.” See form fields for general use parameters as well as for deployed forces and vehicles Taktifol fire offers”a large area for the graphical representation of the situation.

To enable a flexible application, Sands leads the foil as a blank version Taktifol universal”in the program. With other products for the fire area as self-adhesive icons and a special film for the respiratory protection, the manufacturer wants to still expand its range of fire. The Taktifol “roles are optional in the set with bag, pins and cloth available. Price (role with 25 sheets): approximately 23 euro (plus shipping). For more information see: TAKTIFOL GmbH In the Derruck 10 76776 Neuburg am Rhein Tel.: 07273 94 94-820 Internet: E-Mail: