The Doctor

This adjustment can be for the benefit of the body and harm. The basic idea of bio-resonance medicine is that any therapeutic effects on the body is preceded by thorough testing: do this or that body to the drug, procedure, product supplement? They improve or worsen the health condition? Combined with a other drugs that people take? Often a person says so, beginning to take a particular drug: try – but we'll see, will help or not help. Tumblr describes an additional similar source. But not necessarily put on a dangerous experiments and take the drug orally, to understand it is suitable for you or not. In the selector, computer diagnostic and therapeutic system (based on hardware-software complex agribusiness "IMEDIS-Expert" production RF), recorded the frequency of more than 60 000 substances – medicinal, toxic, viruses, food additives, vitamins, hormones, minerals, etc. These signals mimic the frequency of the real substance of the prototype.

Perceiving them, the body patient sends a signal back, a kind of answer he needed the drug or not, it will bring him benefit, harm, or be neutral in its impact. Externally, bio-resonance diagnostic procedure, as bio-resonance therapy, is quite simple: the patient and the doctor sitting across from each other at a table on which the computer and a small priborchik. Combine human and device, metal plates on which are the patient's arms and legs. Conversations to a minimum. All that the doctor should know about the health of the patient's body tells itself – a kind of coded language. Computer using a special program "decodes" this information.