The Gold

_ As is that you know that was pra to be certain? _ Ah! Who of the three shots, is pra to kill, and not to leave nor life signal _ But who age Fulgncio and why it was whitened? _ It wise person who Epaminondas had received the phone call from the face, having said pra to be quetinho and of closed mouth. The Fulgncio was with anger and spoke that he went to be delegated in the place of Epaminondas and Epaminondas died early of morning when it took orange juice and the Fulgncio received the phone call from dawn that the Mercedes owner did not want that it was to see who age of dawn, but it said that a person could die and that she trusted it, and it had to go to see what he was close Da Ponte who goes for the old road of the Stream of the Gold. _ Acho that I understood. But who was that it telephoned and who shot in the Fulgncio and why was that Epaminondas died when took laranjada? _ Is There that it is the X of the question. Nobody knows why the Epaminondas died, nor who telephoned and nor who shot in the Fulgncio. It has more, nobody knows who pro telephoned Epaminondas with duck voice. _ Voice of duck? _ Is! The Epaminondas said to the Fulgncio that the police station left because it with duck voice had telephoned pra, saying that it were quietinho, of peak and covered ears. It was with fear and fell outside, but he died in the hour that took the juice that he himself prepared. I find that it had poison in the sugar. _ Did not have, not, therefore I took coffee that the owner Blessed it gave to me _ Then, it died was of heart, exactly, and the people alone because it was delegated is saying that he died poisoned.