The Seaside

If so, then right, and I do not know whether or not you all read this. However, something tells me that not everything is perfect in your kingdom. If something does not suit all of you in this life, take some time, drop in here from time to time. All of a sudden you say something interesting to see here? And maybe think about what And then begin to act and change their lives. You buy a good apartment or a house, a car will spend more time with his family, help children or parents (or maybe both) to win their financial difficulties. And then take a ticket and go as a family holiday to the seaside for a month or two. And when you return, will last my favorite thing, which was postponed because of employment and lack of money.

Someone will write the oil paintings, some – to compose poems or songs, someone bedet the whole world and bring with him the amazing photos of beautiful places on earth. I know you too will find something to do. Or Do you now say they do not want all this? You do not want to see my family happy and wealthy, successful children, parents do not push in line for a social security, as well spending time at home with a garden, or traveling in Europe. Yes, I know what you're thinking! I know! "It's all fairy tales, nothing I have not come out because" that: 1. I've aged, I'm late, 2. I do not have a good education, 3. I have two children and all the money goes them, 4.

We live in a village (town, village ), there are no prospects there, 5. I do not want to steal or engage in mlm (by the way, you know what is this?) 6. I have no entrepreneurial spirit, 7. I'm not a very organized person, 8. I'm lazy, etc. 9. y I have no start-up capital, bonds, etc. "This list is continuously updated with new and new causes. There are many reasons why people do not want to be happy and rich. Some even make such an argument "We have already happy, money does not happiness. " Let us agree so. I will diligently blogging. I will try to make it not only useful but also interesting. You do their part just look down here more often. Who knows, maybe from that moment your life has already begun to change. Maybe we'll meet after some time, somewhere in Spain or a beach in the Maldives, you know me, shake my hand and say "Thank you. Just "Thanks". You yourself were able to change your life, and I helped you just a little bit in the beginning. It is known that the first step the hardest, but not making it very difficult to overpower the whole way, even the most light. Let's take the first step together. First go slowly and hesitantly, often looking back. More than once we will want to drop everything and go back to the familiar life, but we will still go. Faster and faster. Forward! To prosperity and financial soundness independence. So, go ahead!