The Struggle For The Kingdom In Goodgame Empire

“Goodgame Studios ‘ new strategy game is now online available slips in GOODGAME EMPIRE ( the player in the role of a young Knight who is rewarded after a successful battle with an own Castle. Now is to expand the small lands into a superior economically and belligerent Empire. So that this can be done, the player as a budding ruler is facing diverse challenges and have to prove his strategic skills in various missions. Together to the aim of a continuous campaign with many exciting tasks is not the only challenge, because great emphasis was placed in particular on varied multiplayer options. So, the players as allied brothers of the sword can compete effectively to assist each other or fight battles against each other.

Specially the unique dynamic world map invites you to explore. On a large map can be visited friends and systematically planned attacks against robber Knights castles or other Lords. The player can use first their spies, then deliberately attacking the opponent. With the help of the complex offensive and defensive system remote – and melee can be used targeted as siege weapons and war equipment. As a reward, vital resources beckon the victorious generals. With swords and axes, because not only the structure of a force is important, but also the economic activity of the fortress may not come so are food, wood, stones and money always in sufficient quantities available. For the individual development of the Castle are already numerous types of buildings in multiple configurations available. Also coat of arms and banner can make the players according to their own taste.

The aim of the game is to build a large bastion and together with allies able to defeat all the enemies to finally possess a whole Kingdom. The game is well suited for both beginners and advanced. In addition to a detailed introduction of the game different consultant representing the player with tips and advice, the necessary support. It also issued orders that are rewarded with experience points, coins, rubies and raw materials. GOODGAME EMPIRE is as each browser game of the Hamburg game forge Goodgame Studios updates new features and content. The extension by outpost and trading functions, as well as other languages in addition to German and English are already planned. Company Description Goodgame Studios is a Hamburg-based game developer of social online games. The company was founded in June 2009 by the brothers of Dr. Christian Wawrzinek (COO) and Dr. Kai Wawrzinek (CEO). Currently nine self-developed and family-friendly Flash games that are played by over 70 million people per month in 22 languages worldwide is located in the portfolio. More employees are searched as reinforcement. Company contact: Goodgame Studios Henrike Rohloff (Public Relations) Theodor str. 42-90, House 11 22761 Hamburg Tel:-email: Web: