Tool Payment

The card credit is one of the most modern forms to own immediate and automatic financial endorsement to acquire goods and services, to support or to endorse the financial solidity of a company or individual, and to turn the credit of an individual into the capacity of the same to develop in the economic life and the present society. In spite of its apparent modernity, the card credit is almost 100 years old like acquisition instrument, like economic means. However, it has happened to be privilege of few, to a massive distribution in societies of powerful and ample middle-class. Now the credit cards, and therefore, the card credit constitute identification, endorsement, domiciliation, financing, payment instruments before companies, banking organizations and suppliers of services of all type. By all means, the card cards and credit serve so much in direct payment as in deferred payment, and still, as it is known, the deferred payment can finance as well following inherent the financial strength to instrument expressed in the availability or limit of card credit. There is no doubt that at this time, still with the threat of substitution of cards by the technology enrolled in the movable telephones, the economic endorsement of the individuals moves more and more from the money in cash towards the plastic money. It is fundamental to have one credit card at least, and therefore, sufficient card credit to enjoy a suitable monetary mattress with the idea of being able to enjoy so many goods available in the today market.