What Happens If IV Recipients Inherit Hartz?

News-James: Is a heritage as income classified? Gets a Hartz IV recipient during his cover an inheritance given to, this heritage as income is to consider and may IV be credited in full to the Hartz services (social Court Koblenz June 10, 2009, AZ: 6 AS 1070/08). Before was referring to the applicant of Hartz IV a heritage was awarded already you by 6.500,-, which however was paid only because of inheritance disputes the applicant as the Hartz IV related services. When was ARGE knowledge of the heritage, shared the amount by 12 and counting it as income. That did not accept the heiress and referred to the section 12 SGB II and said that the legacy assets and due to the low height as protected assets should be seen and not the Hartz IV should be counted towards services. Also, the situation significantly prior to the purchase of Hartz had entered IV. The complaint was rejected by the Koblenz Sozialgericht as unfounded, because it comes on after opinion of the Court, not at the time of the Erbfalles, but on the time of receipt of the money. Therefore, the heritage as income was classified. Ultimately, you can say that if the testator or the getting of money before obtaining Hartz would be IV, then the money due to its low height as protected assets would have been regarded and had IV may not count toward the Hartz services. You can find more information at