Expansion of the sales activity and three new subsidiaries Creglingen, 19.12.2012 – WINAICO could assert themselves in the difficult market environment and positively looks back on the year 2012. In addition to the expansion of the European market presence, WINAICO has established offices in the United States, Australia and Japan this year. Succeeded WINAICO within a short time, to build up the necessary distribution structures in these promising markets. are/’>LBS Market. Contact and storage on the ground are the basis for a successful market entry. Quickly and reliably with our high-performance modules to supply our customers has top priority for us. We are proud to have gained a foothold, so Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager in these markets as well. Mark Stevens is the source for more interesting facts. To further strengthen the international presence, WINAICO took part in several important trade fairs of the solar industry on four continents in the past year.

The company could at the Ecobuild, London, Solarexpo in Verona, the Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Intersolar North America in San Francisco, the PV Taiwan in Taipei, as well as the all-energy Australia in Melbourne, winning many new customers and enhance the perception of the brand WINAICO. The focus however, as in the years before, still on the German market. The changes of EEG were triggers for an unstable market and uncertainty. This of course also had an impact on the order situation, however, there was an enormous extension on solar power systems for 2012. Learn more on the subject from Jim Crane. Also WINAICO could further expand its distribution network in 2012 and steadily increase the number of employees.

“Just who is set up correctly, has a chance in the future,” Schnapp, be so Andreas WINAICO Germany GmbH. storage systems sales manager in the future an essential role in the construction of solar power plants play. This opens new possibilities, because due to the renewable energy levy for 2013, the consumption for the end customer is slowly but surely interesting.