Alimentary Security

Malthus to keep the growth of the population in the same ratio of the food production, would be the safer ideal and. Fed people, people producing foods and vendendo them, equal guaranteed tenth. The reality of these facts can (the brazilian level) be consulted in the writings of Joshua de Castro But of everything what the Biotechnology was displayed where if fits in the context? Independent of the Theories proposals for philosophers, thinkers, economists, administrators, prophets, sociologists, politicians, studious and other more, the hunger is a subject that always will be in guideline. The Biotechnology if presents as the great tool that will go to solve the situation catastrophic that if avizinha in the next years. A model exists if to install in which the growth of the populations in the poor countries, where its inhabitants live below of the level of the poverty, increases considerably its populations and in the developed countries occurs the opposite. Only that in this in case that the developed countries will go to consume more foods, due to the purchasing power of its citizens and the opposite it will occur in the poor countries.

Rich countries will start to demand foods with bigger indices of Alimentary Security, Quality, Produced inside of correct ambient standards, for its consumption. the poor countries? They will go to demand what? What it will be disponibilizado to them and very next to the stated period of validity for the consumption. The Biotechnology appears as the great one exit that we have at the moment. The productivity indices increase considerably. What before it was a true monster to threaten the planet now passes to be the saving angel. Examples are clamorous. The biggest economy of the world, United States plants something enters the 65 70 million hectares, Brazil enters the 22 24 million hectares, followed by Argentina that is very next to what plant in Brazil, something as the 22 23 million hectares.