In this article I’ll tell in a very simple way and in 6 steps how an affiliate program, so you can see how interesting and simple that is. In my blog you will find a graphic and a video on the subject. ( 1 – register to the affiliate according to experience and your affinity program. For example, to offer a distance of NLP course to your visitors. With each registered to the course and earn $ 50.

2-Tomas resources that give you to use them to promote their products or services. These are: advertising, links towards your website, videos, articles, demos of what they offer, etc. They are all shapes and ideas that give you to promote their products or services. Not necessarily you must limit this. You can create your own, with your wit your own articles, notices, etc. 3 – public resources in your web site, blog, Classifieds, articles directories. You can also send emails to your contacts, etc. More info: Jim Crane.

(these forms of promotion we will see them in greater detail in another post) 4 – users access to these resources. For example: read an article of yours on how to lose weight with NLP. 5 – After reading the article on your website and after seeing your opinion about NLP course distance that you recommend, they click on the link to the page of the course (with your ID so that the advertiser knows that the visitor came thanks to your intervention) and buy the course. 6 – The advertiser pays you according to what you have agreed: can you pay for each visit, per click, per sale, etc. If you look, is a chain in which each link ends happy: the advertiser made a sale thanks to thee; you won $50 without having to have created any product, just by advertising something that you like from others; and your visitors found what they were looking for. In this way, you’ll be much more motivated to continue selling and making money with affiliate programs. I hope you’ve explained more clearly how can now start earning money with affiliate programs. I hope your comments! PS: to deepen this topic, requests by clicking here a excerpt from the video of the class of the EIP where we explain more this way to earn money online. Original author and source of the article