Ensino Superior

As well as the presence of the religion, the conception of the ER is part of day-by-day of all. The instruction on the principles and dogmas of each religion must be taught its adepts, and this is the paper of the ER. In a society of great religious diversity as the Brazilian, the debate if makes around the resume, of as the ER in the schools must be practised. Legally the ER must lay and be forbidden the proselitismo, it practises then it educational religious must only instruct in the diverse religions with intention to form conscientious citizens, moral and civic, using beyond all the substances of the curricular grating the ER. Proposal, as practical not accurately educational, but yes as bedding of the education, the EC considers not it change of the pertaining to school resume to adapt itself to the Christianity, but yes as philosophy.

The ideal humanists and racionalistas had contributed for the development politician and social, however, how much to the moral, ethical conscience, of familiar values, they had among others been wronged. Such proposal confuses freedom with libertinism, disrespects the other people’s space, confuses freedom with revolt, beyond if contradicting how much to the concept of what it is maturity. If it exists the age of the revolt and the age of the maturity, why to teach freedom in confusion with the revolt instead of teaching ‘ ‘ freedom with maturidade’ ‘. Therefore the EC must lead the formation of children and young, not it return of the scholastic that burnt in the fogueira the scientists, but yes the valuation of the principles Christian in the education, not them religious values of each church whom if Christian judges, but yes the moral, ethical values, and of social responsibility that is the base of the Christianity. ‘ ‘ Let us wait somebody, either God, either a man inhaled, that it instructs in them on our duties and that let us move away to the darknesses from ours olhos’ ‘ Scrates ______ ‘ ‘ It declared, to you man, what it is good and that is what asks for to you of you: that you practise justice, and you love the mercy, and you walk humblly with your Deus.’ ‘ Miquias