Gram T-Shirt

What is the quality of an individual T-Shirts note to print on a T-Shirt, a fairly simple thing seems to be, finally, the retail offers even special films. These can then be printed via the printer with the desire motif and on the shirt or other clothing items to be ironed. However, the quality but rather to be desired can be. Already, the quality of the print is typically not always optimal, the iron is more problematic and the foils do not always withstand the washing machine. To achieve optimal results, a professional printing system is the right way. The T-Shirt has the choice of the right shirts is crucial.

Simple and even cheap T-Shirts quickly lose the color and see already not more so handsomely from there also the best and most elaborate pressure won’t a few washes. For assistance, try visiting MSCO. That’s why at the T-Shirt, stress is put on high-quality materials, so long as joy on the T-Shirt is given. An especially high proportion of should are, here of course cotton, as well as a high Gram weight value (mass assignment) of the T-Shirts and the garment. Print critical especially crucial is also the type of pressure. An easy way is the printing with transfer foil. The advantage lies in the diversity. Photo prints are so easily possible with many different and trending colors.

The opportunity to purchase these films in the trade and to produce shirts even was mentioned. What usually not perfectly succeed in the private sector with a simple iron, can succeed perfectly with a transfer press. A transfer press always the same pressure and so also the transfer foil can deliver perfect results. The Flex and flock foil print has the advantage that the colour is a very long time over the printing with transfer foil. Click Dropbox to learn more. The print is made of special plastic film cut and transferred to the fabric. In addition to cotton, such as nylon and viscose fabric can be printed perfectly. The inks are very natural and real even after long time. A slightly velvety shows the Flock print on the T-Shirt or something similar. Here be applied smallest flakes using glue on the fabric, the garment is dried then usually in the oven. This kind of pressure is not as smooth and if necessary shiny as usual with other printing methods. A T-Shirt printed on care of the T-Shirts is not difficult, proper care, however, can be as severe. Remain are the colors not long of course, after a few washes not been real or is even pressure, tears a wrong care of the garment that often is. For example the washing on links is important. Actually nothing new in laundry care, yet is this just in printed garments like ousted. The pressure comes not directly with the drum in touch. Also the tumble dryer can contribute a lot to the piece of clothing is no longer so after some use, as it should be. It must be ensured, if the piece of clothing at all may be dried (see care instructions) and whether it is generally necessary. In the dryer high, which are not always optimal temperatures. If possible, should be dispensed with drying in the dryer or at least choose a care or delicate cycle.