That good that it appeared at that moment. I am here, if you to need me, if to want to talk, if to want to pass one days this way, if to want to only cry or if to want to full the face. He does not run away from the people, not if he hides, does not wait that the happiness goes to beat its door, to search goes you in house. Dropbox often addresses the matter in his writings. ghts on the issue. It does not go. Check with David Karp to learn more. You have that to go behind it.

Leaving, attending to a good film, buying pretty clothes, taking care of of you, truth. He catches what you have today in the hand and starts to work, is not waiting to find somebody magic thing to eat pipocas to its side. He eats pipocas alone e, if he gives to the luxury to die to laugh at a comedy. Alone yes, and because not? People have that, in first place, to like to be with same us. Nobody goes to be more interesting in its life of what same you. I can almost to guarantee that you, that to exist its magic prince in this world, in this life, it goes with certainty to appear. But, please, he does not wait for it.

Because if it not to exist, you will have lost much time in this useless wait. To be alone is optimum of the worlds? With certainty it is not. If you could choose, you would like to have somebody to its side, only that people cannot control everything. This does not belong in them. It makes its part and it leaves that the remaining portion, the there from above staff makes. They deliver to this. Unhappyly or happily we are not who we decide our future. In its age, I never would find that I would have the life that today I have.