Latin America

Today we can make cheap international calls between Mexico and Spain thanks to new promotions that many phone companies are launching. It is possible to choose among a wide range of products that will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of your calls to Latin America. What are these alternatives?:-direct line: who you calling from Mexico (or any other point of Latin America) pays the communication as if he were calling you a local number. -Virtual Pin: Virtual pin you can reload your card and get more minutes for calls where you want. -Prepaid cards: They have a cost that part from 6 euros and offers a limited amount of minutes to call (eg.Ciudad_de_mexico: 450 minutes). You can purchase any of these products through credit card or PayPal via the web, so now it is more than easy to manage the balance of your telephone consumption. If do not wish to receive more surprises in your next telephone bill, acquires any of these products and start enjoying more bonus minutes or unlimited calls