Science Films

Jacobs in a "critical history of American cinema," William Smith was paid "for the death of his invention." American kinomonopolii purchased his patent, and was buried in their vaults), which made them especially attractive for the spectators. The vast majority of the available species in the Russian hire foreign-made pictures contain predominantly geographical and ethnographic material. Pictures of Zoology, and especially in botany were relatively few. Only a few of them showed "the natural life of wild animals and birds." Part of these films was filmed in zoological gardens, parks and reserves, was part of a training assignment and was devoted to the morphology and physiology of plants and animals, or even showed a micro-filming. In the Russian box office Pate had about 200 Film Dr. Komandona containing filming microscopic preparations. Movies on medicine and health submitted by individual names.

Particular success enjoyed two medical film: the French "Operation Professor Duaena "and similar, taken as a French operator, probably F. Mesgishem in Russia," Opera-tion of Professor Modlinskogo. " The content of films for agriculture has been extremely mixed. The memoirs of V. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Yael Aflalo. Bonch-Bruevich, "Lenin and the movie" states that Lenin, in particular praised the "great films", dedicated to showing "of agricultural production on large tractors, agricultural tools in the best agricultural latifundia North America and Canada. " Apparently, in the Russian hire such films have not penetrated. In any case, we have no data about their show at the pre-revolutionary Russia could not be found. Overseas Movies on agriculture, on display in Russia, there is no instructional value did not possess.