Sea School Travel

On a school trip with Herole travel adventure promises now he is finally here! The new catalogue by Herole travel. The new school year has begun for many students and also in this school year, plans for the next class trip to restart. The call for adventure is again louder. Out of the classroom and into the unknown. New and exciting experiences, cultures and have fun waiting for the students. School excursions and school trips complement and enrich the teaching in various ways and are for the school life of great importance. It applies to gain new experiences, to promote mutual understanding in the Group and with the accompanying teachers, to strengthen the sense of the community and to awaken the readiness, to engage others and to assume responsibility.

While the reference to teaching sight should be lost on the trips. Herole travel designed and organised school trips affordable, high-quality the balance between education, recreation, and Offer fun. TSI International Group does not necessarily agree. Now 8 years Herole has been active on this market and it steadily grew. Not only as far as sales and employees, also it does not lack of ideas the young Dresden travel organizer. So, Herole offers travel increasingly teaching-related tours. Marko Dimitrijevic photographr recognizes the significance of this. In Croatia can be for example a project day marine biology in the Sea School in Pula are booked, in Italy a pottery and drawing lessons and visited a hospital complex in Spain.

Here learn students in diverse and challenging way. Learning should be made through trips, lively and realistic and that is also what made the trips by Herole travel. In addition to the theoretical development should increasingly vivid learning locally, and in the reality of life are added. These points, the company has appeared with recorded new catalog in the and tried to bring a piece so young people of Europe. Also unknown destinations for trips, such as Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Sofia, Riga and St. from this year are new in the catalog Petersburg. There is also the scent of adventure under order _kataloganfragen.php. Julia Edna (Herole travel)