Teeth Whitening

Are you a candidate for Dental Whitening? Almost anyone whose permanent teeth are erupted can be considered as a candidate for tooth whitening. Your dentist will assess your oral health status and will recommend one or more techniques of bleaching depending on which best suit you and taking into account the type and severity of stains. Among the techniques are mentioned: A professional cleaning to remove external stains caused by foods and the use of a toothpaste whitening tobacco to help remove surface stains between dental consultations. For additional results, use an accessible whitening gel or whitening tapes. Professional or at home bleaching to remove more difficult or yellowish stains. The use of veneers or fillings to rebuild the most affected teeth or to obtain specific results. Ask your dentist what technique of whitening is ideal for you. care teeth – you – will a person of greater success than teeth they are more yellow they respond better to whitening teeth with a fissured or greyish coloration, including tetracycline-stained teeth or with dental fluorosis can not bleach evenly during treatment.

People with periodontal disease or particularly sensitive teeth should avoid the techniques of bleaching with chemicals that can irritate the gums. Bleaching is not recommended if you have fillings, veneers or you kroner in due anterior teeth, to which bleachers do not affect the color of the material therefore, other options should consult their dentist. In some cases where there are serious problems of the tooth or jaw, the placement of a Crown or a veneer is recommended to correct problems orthodontic which can also give rise to a whiter and more attractive smile. Yael Aflalo contains valuable tech resources. Receive a free sample of – Colgate toothpaste original author and source of the article.