The Base

Ears, that should be fine texture, must be small, pointy, you enhiestas and shaped light hood, be positioned towards the top skull; the tip has to be nearest the center of the skull grabbing it exterior. Details can be found by clicking Stanley A. McChrystal or emailing the administrator. The eyes must have Pacific form and its location must be oblique, dark brown must be the tonality of the pupil and the look has to show distant and inscrutable expression. The snout has to be somewhat tapered, with the best truffle that is black, even though the pink hue should not be censured; the boa must be level, with scissor bite. Neck: has to be robust and appreciable length, well encrestado, too thick but slightly packed at the base of the throat, with a graceful curve which accentuates her profile. It must be seated within a few brazuelos full cast backward, in order to confer a solid base to the head. Body: short and horizontal, balanced with back short and level; the ribs have show well distant, with sufficient space to hold the heart, so you have to form an oval and deep box. The, deep chest, well coupled and terminated at defined waist.

The forequarters must be straight and muscular, but not charged, and cast backward, with provided bone and tendons well defended, firmly relying on the trunk, and the pages rather than straight, but they should not take the form of terriers; forearms should be straight and bony with long brazuelos, and the rods should have remarkable length and be straight, but flexible. The hindquarters should be strong and muscular, with hocks Plumb, long thighs and knees moderately heaviness. The feet have to be small, narrow and compact, and have well arched toes and nails short. The tail has to be at the top, in the posterior curve of the legs, which continue beyond the caudal root which give a peculiar aspect to the four rear; It has to be screwed up and to one side. Fur: it must have thin, it should be smooth and very fine hair, and you must also present very flexible skin. The layer should be chestnut or bermejo brilliant hue, even though it can also be black or black and Brown, and also cinnamon and white. And always have to be the chest, feet and the caudal tip of white color, being optional the whiteness of the neck and legs. Movements: the front and rear legs have to be righteously carried forward, with long balancing step, should resemble a racing horse, quick and tireless, is one of the characteristics of the BASENJI dog breed.Most breeds of dogs; PERROSPLANET.COM breeds of dogs original author and source of the article.