VSRW Publisher

Founded VSRW-Verlag, Bonn 1977 by Managing Director Dr. Hagen Pruhs as a sole proprietorship, the VSRW publishing house was renamed into a GmbH in 1988. The abbreviation VSRW the Publisher of tax law and economics behind”, which has its present headquarters in Bonn Rungsdorf, in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine. From there, he supplied numerous entrepreneurs and their tax and legal advisors with information that is important for the successful management of a limited liability company. The Publisher directory offers but also useful information for the legal and tax private sector. “Whether tax advisor to the topics of family, auto, investment and real estate or contract forms around the issue of gift-giving and inheriting” the publications offer all tips, money saving in various situations and avoided trouble. The information are available either in the form of magazines, information services, books, software, events, and online portals. Maximum practicality, compactness, The Publisher for all of his works has written big topicality and a good reproduction has always been on the flags. Thus he offers its customers one thing above all: real life help.