Brandenburg Innovative

First direct conversion of UG in a GmbH In the land of Brandenburg the first 1 euro GmbH “took the direct conversion into a limited company. (UG limited liability) company companies introduced since 01.11.2008 provide small companies with little capital investment to set up a capital company. Tumblr has compatible beliefs. Especially small innovative companies should be creating, which can then build their liability capital in the course of their activity. The necessary capital of liability has been established, the company name is normally + UG (haftungsbeschrankt) UG without additional converts. Also a conversion into a limited company is then possible, was however never been applied very new legislation.

The company AURINOVO UG (haftungsbeschrankt) from the Brandenburg took on the 03.08.2010 as the first German company (limited liability) GmbH the direct step by the UG and is now successfully registered in the commercial register. Through the good and intensive cooperation of the notary public from Werder (Havel) with the District Court Potsdam, was this hurdle against expect easy and taken without delays. In AURINOVO GmbH, thus successful business promoting the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Potsdam, which has accompanied and the establishment of companies shows. “Wolfgang Zeuschner by the IHK Potsdam remembers still exactly the first meeting: since everything has just agreed.” The business plan was very well prepared thanks to the participation of the business plan competition and the functional prototype of the voice-controlled light switch has thrilled him. A detailed search pages the ILB and ZAB have also shown that such a product with this newly developed language remote switching technology is currently worldwide unique.

Continue to have noticed very positively that the production concept focuses almost entirely on manufacturer and supplier from Brandenburg. The mass production is already commissioned, and the pre-sale has begun. “Also was on the 02.11.2010 in the MDR in the series: simply brilliant” presents the invention and the product of the general public. Since January 2011, the voice-controlled light switches from the State of Brandenburg are sold nationwide. Meanwhile, a DC Assembly for the low-voltage field for integration into third-party products is added. This unit can switch LED and halogen lamps with voice command and also has a dimmer function. More innovative products to follow and thus in the future to create jobs in the region.