Brushing Your Dog

“Day of dental health always busy after dinner, don’t forget to brush your teeth.” What are the problems caused by Tartar, is known from the human mouth hygiene. But what about the dog? Brushing your teeth, chewing bone or simply not clean? Leipzig, September 19, 2013. The tooth surfaces are first of all, you should take seriously these, as they can lead to the training of a gum or tooth Pocket inflammation. This is such an infection is not treated, leads in the worst case damage to the entire periodontium and tooth loss can occur. The diversification of bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream, even organs can be damaged (E.g.

liver, heart, kidney). The lack of dental health consequences must not be underestimated, says futalis veterinarian Johanna Klicker man: so that Tartar is not created, the coating must be removed regularly. Plaque forms from food waste, bacteria, dead tissue cells and leukocytes.” She is always rough Surface also promotes the further accumulation of tartar and forms the Foundation for more bacteria. Minerals accumulate in the dental plaque, tartar is yellowish solution until brownish. Clicker man: As any Tartar formation bacteria are involved, a special importance of balanced nutrition. Especially sugary food favours the formation of tartar.” The most effective means to counteract this, is the daily brushing.

Soft, special animal toothbrush are suitable. When brushing your teeth comes not in question: chews have a specific texture to promote the dental abrasion. But beware: the bone must be taken into account in the total ration. Because even with the bone, the dog takes energy to. Therefore advises the vet to a dry food, which also promotes the dental abrasion, however does not affect the nutrient supply: effective ingredients such as zinc and Natriumpolyphosphat proven to reduce the formation of tartar. In addition are the pellets designed to support the natural tooth abrasion feeding in size and consistency.” By the way, not every dog needs daily dental care: problems in particular Short-snouted breeds such as Pug or Yorkshire Terrier, because for them the teeth have little space in the jaw. Many long-snouted dogs have great teeth in old age, even though they have never seen a toothbrush. futalis actively supports the dental care of dogs: all orders that select our functional ingredients for teeth by 31 October 2013, get a free dog toothbrush. For an interview with the veterinarian, as well as for the request product samples and imagery you contact us.