He will be that its commissioners intend to reinstall the Inquisio Saint in the Recreativa! They are unaware of the comezinhos principles of the Right! Also she can, are bank clerks pensioners, dentists, etc In a possible interview that Mr. granted to me, I also intended to undo of time my image of ' ' reincidente' ' (used term for Mr. Zucolotto to characterize me). In it, my position of confrontamento with the old president tell-it-went, when I intended to head one below-signed against the installation of the firm that would explore the parking of the vehicles to the front of the club. The fraud was obvious that if it intended, has seen the fact of the club not to possess appropriate area for such. With certainty the gained income would be deviated and qui partilhada enters the mentors of the blow. With certainty it had more involved people in the trick! It is enough to investigate it discovers that you.

Innocently I commented with Mr. Frederico my intention, that took immediately it to the ears of the former-president. This, in turn, had for good to guarantee the execution of its plan moving away to me from the club with a forged suspension, for the period of one year, enough time for the assembly of the project. To mount the process against me, the former-president launched hand of prepared depositions adrede and placed in the mouths of chosen employees, since the abusive onslaught of the employee of the restaurant against my person, by itself, would not so endorse drawn out suspension! With this I was five years moved away from the club and practical of physical exercises, what it caused me the serious problems of health, profit also exaggerated of weight. I was Sir President, the first partner to distrust of the bad intentions of the old direction, that as much harmed the club, and as I am not coward, I bribed it alone and of front, even so the high cost.