For that reason both must try to be always maintaining their physique, their personal aspect, the age does not mean anything when you know to dress elegant, when you stay in form, when you know to be gentile, when you know that to places to go with your pair, to increase the fire. A romantic dinner, a stroll by the field, one excursion, is good ways to break drabness. Perhaps for that reason some married concejeros suggest to the pairs to travel together. What but it hurts to one and to another one is the infidelity. The infidelity destroys the relation, makes untenable, difficult, intolerable is logical that thus it is, because who can be with a person deceives who it? So that nothing like sharing the responsibilities finds infidelity, working together, to educate together the children, to work hard so that nothing lacks. The esteem samples are very important, a gift from time to time, to remember dic of the birthday, the anniversaries, to celebrate it, to take photos from the best moments, are things that are feeding a relation on pair they are and it making but lasting. It thinks well if it wishes to become jumbled with another person, is careful to see that its relation does not fail.

It does necessary, the correct thing so that the fire does not go out. So that what today it initiates it does not finish tomorrow of steep way. The ideal person does not exist, exists the suitable person, perfect person does not exist. She remembers that the people change, have his own aspirations. Before beginning she puts the things on the table, to conver itself and knows thorough much his fianc2e, fianc2ee, pair. To the men I give these councils: 1 you do not strike your woman you are not coward 2 Respeta to your pair, to your children, preocpate to give foods them, that is your to have.

3 you do not behave like a lout with your family, you do not treat your children and handcuffs as if they were your crew members. Noncheers would finish abandonndote 4 drunk, you do not squander the money that you can use in taking foods to your home. 5 Trata to be for your pair, you maintain, protection, affectionate and comprehensive. 6 Comprtate like a miserable man and not like, amiable, an affectionate one with your children, you do not humiliate them, you insult, you threaten, because they left to you. To the women I suggest to them: 1 Tener always the ready food to its hours, the clean house, ordinate. 2 Estar always beautiful, clean, does not matter that age has. 3 Amar its pair, to offer affection him, to share together problems. 4 Educar to the children, to teach to them to gain the things, nonengrerlos. 5 To be good lovers, to demonstrate to its pair that UD is his wife. 6 not to allow that they strike to you, requests aid, not to allow that they humiliate to you, insult, requests aid. A man thus does not deserve to live with any woman. He deserves you leave that it, rmate of value and abandnalo. 7 Denuncia I mistreat physicist and psychological you do not remain been silent. 8 a man who strikes, insults to its pair is a caveman, miserable, who had to be in the jail.