The Administration

This means that you are welcome a bread advances to have an adequate format and the flavor to be decurrent bitter taste of an extreme fermentativo process. To fix some norms is essential to have quality breads and with certainty it will keep the satisfaction and fidelizao of the consumer. The bread (good) is the jewel of the cycle wheat? flour – consuming, where this last one must be presenteado as ' ' rei' ' with what it has of better. One concludes is that the bread made with cares and art, adequate raw materials and correct process will guarantee that if they prevent serious distortions in the great differential that has the French bread that they are flavor and aroma. The standardized process is a method effective and organized to produce without losses.

The standardization, training and the qualification of hand of direct workmanship long for the maximum performance of the collaborators in its activities or operations through the repetition of the movements and the operations. The inconstncia of the operations or lack of standardization hides the imperfections and leads to wastefulness. This article presents the conclusion of the carried through study, with contextual boarding, as well as the theoretical and practical contributions, limitations of the study and suggestions for improvements in the production process. It was verified during the study that the training is the process to develop qualities in the human resources to qualify them it to be more productive and to contribute more for the reach of the objectives of the company. Thus abilities of Hand of direct and qualified workmanship are developed in order to improve the dexterity in the operation of tasks and in the handling of you scheme and equipment, developing positive, flexible and responsible attitudes. The starting point for execution of the study was to the necessity of improvements in the Process of standardization in the manufacture of products, specifically in the process of the generated French bread in some existing productive processes in the white company of the study.

The used methodology was based on the qualitative and bibliographical research and procedures for collection and analysis of data. The theoretical recital contemplated the Administration of the Production, application of the standardization in the execution of the production processes, training and qualification of hand of qualified direct workmanship, the proposal presented was based on the process in use, having kept ' ' spine dorsal' ' , with the available use of qualification of Hand of direct workmanship and too much resources. This work, in the form as it was lead and elaborated, establishes the necessities and lines of direction for development of the production system as essential tool in the management of a system of the quality. With regard to the main objective considered of the creation of a set of action aiming at an agreement of the market that the company is inserted, an organization and control of the processes had been intended to analyze the process of standardization of the offered products