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The quality and prices are depending on them, although it is possible to find cruises of 5 or 6 stars at good prices if we reserve in advance or choose replenishment trips. 5 Choose the cabin my first recommendation would be to always choose cabins above the waterline of the ship and in the central area because it largely dampens the movement of the boat and is almost not noticeable oscillation. Other considerations to keep in mind is the same location of the cabin. Thus a cabin away from common areas, would be desirable (lifts, laundry), access of crew and preferably away from the area of the stern which is usually where is situated the room of machines of the boat. There are basically 4 types of cabins: Interiors: cabins located in the interior of the ship (without window or porthole). They are my favorite. Since ultimately and based on my experience most of the time aboard is passed in common areas, and you can get large booths at very good prices.

Outdoors: cabins located in below decks on both sides of the ship including a sale or porthole. It must be borne in mind that some companies offer outside cabins with limited views (obstructed by lifeboats). Exteriors with balcony: located from the main deck. They include a private balcony accessible. Even if the current offer is growing.

From my experience it is only advisable for some types of cruises, especially those with good weather prevailing (Caribbean, Mediterranean)… in the majority of cases not recommend them now than if we sail by with a questionable time zones We will be paying a premium for an item that we will not use, also that in some ports will have to fight against mosquitoes and bad odor. Suites: Are the most luxurious boat of the dimensions and services offered. They are limited, and I personally recommend them for honeymoons since companies offer special packages and great discounts and extras for these cruise ship passengers. 6.-Last but not least important price must be considered the price of the cruise. You have to know the final price per person /crucero including shipping and extra rates. In my experience, some tips when hiring a cruise would be:-there are big discounts for early bookings. -See if there is some sort of extra added: including tips, 2 1, discount on board… -Assess the costs of the transport to the place of departure of the cruise. -If there is freedom of choice of days look the last minute offers 30 days before the departure of the ship. -see what the onboard currency: dollars, euros, pounds. Since you can have an impact on the final cost of the trip -Normally I have found best prices making the hiring from the Internet. The truth is that 90% of my cruise I hired them directly from the Internet, including around the world. This requires working with large operators specialized in the sector of cruise ships that offer great prices yt Odes warranties. Greetings and happy cruising! You can find more information at original author and source of the article.