The Manufacturer

2,2 BIOLOGICAL POINTERS: The biological pointers are established compositions aside remark of bacterial esporos normally stored in blisters. It has as objective to demonstrate if the sterilization process was reached in the conditions of the package-test, the reached result must be interpreted considering it inherent variability to the microrganismos livings creature: positive or negative results can inside be gotten of the bad positioning of the blisters of the packages, of inadequate conservation, if not observing the conditions of humidity and temperature recommended by the manufacturer; incorreo in the incubation; for the number of used blisters in the test to if monitoring sterilizers I oxidate it ethylene and formaldehyde. (COUTO, PEDROSA, WALNUT, 2003) In accordance with Martins (2001), biological pointers are systems who contain esporos of two types: Bacillus subtilis (sterilization the oxide of ethylene) and Bacillus stearothermophilos (sterilization the vapor). The biological pointers verify the efficiency of the esterilizadores and they only can inside detect the death of the microscopical esporos of the esterilizador and this explains the reason of the importance of the load control, process by which each load is monitored and set free on the basis of the biological pointer (SOBECC, 2003). 2,3 CHEMICAL POINTERS: The chemical pointers present in such a way resulted in the sterilization for physical processes as for chemical processes. These pointers evidence if one definitive parameter of the process was reached or not, however they do not disclose if sterilization of the material occurred (MARTINS, 2001). Chemical pointers are characterized by impregnated ribbons of paper with a termocrmica ink that move of color when displayed the high temperature for certain time.

They can only indicate the exposition or not to the heat (dedicated displays of temperature) or still to indicate the action of different components as time, temperature and vapor (integrators). (ROMAN, 2010). These ribbons are used for the detection of imperfections in the equipment with regard to penetration of the heat in studies or sterilizers, beyond helping in the identification of the packages that had been esterilizados.