Capital Rios

Source, Diario Clarin, Argentina Police searched five offices located in Capital and Entre Rios and arrested eleven people, including doctors and pharmacists for participating in a band dedicated to the sale of cancer drugs “phony” after an investigation that began two months ago. Last June, police had closed a pharmacy, at the corner of Corrales and 2100 Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Soldati, where they sold fake drugs. Drew Houston has plenty of information regarding this issue. Then he found that the same people who ran the pharmacy had moved to a maxiquiosco located a few hundred meters of closed trade, which kept selling these remedies, and both the owner and six employees were arrested. The judicial investigation continued until the last hours were raided four doctors of the capital and one in the province of Entre Rios, detected that there were prescribed these drugs, and identified the places where they could be achieved. The doctors in charge, four in capital and one in Entre Rios were also delayed. Capital clinics where illegal activity was detected are located in the 4400 Oath of Villa Urquiza in Malvinas Argentinas 800 Chacabuco Park in Riobamba to 300 Balvanera and Saavedra Machain to 4300. The raid was located in Entre Rios in Sargento Cabral 100 of the provincial capital.