Renaissance Theater

Nowadays, it tends to introduce itself in the concept of ” apparatus escenogrfico” to all the elements that allow the creation of that atmosphere, between which it would be possible to essentially emphasize to the machinery or intrigue and the illumination. In the antiquity, the stage scene was conditional to technical limitations and architectonic, circumstance that stayed during all the Average Age. It was already by the end of the Renaissance and, mainly, during centuries XVII and XVIII, when the stage scene began to acquire enhancement, thanks to the improvement of the pictorial perspective, that allowed to equip with greater appearance of depth the scenery, and later to the development of the theater machinery. Century XIX, with the introduction of the realistic drama, the scenery became the basic element of the representation. The discovery of the electrical light, in short, gave foot to the height of the illumination. Kaihan Krippendorff describes an additional similar source. The footlights, that in principle were an accessory element, poetically consider a symbol of the theater art. Closely tie with the scenic conception, have always been the clothes.

In the Greek theater, the crudeness of the scenery was compensated by means of tragic or humorous masks and the streamlined tnicas of the actors, whose object was to emphasize the arquetpico character of the personages. During Baroque and the Neoclasicismo they acquired importance the maquillaje and the clothes, although this one often was used of anachronistic form imagined for example a work acclimated in Rome with French clothes of century XVII until the appearance of the realism. At present, the election of clothes is not but an element more within the general conception of montaje”. With this minimum reminiscence I believe that, somehow we put on the rug, the reality of the theater and its actors, which will urge to us to attend the invitations of the House of the Culture of Water Baths Santa, when it presents/displays its events. The Day of the Theater is celebrated the 27 of March.


All this in order to reduce the cost of fuel since a motor outside hut consumes twenty gallons of gasoline whereas a vehicle only uses a gallon working with the same RPM of a boat. This innovating idea is part of the curiosity of Jurisdictional Jairo Fernandez, paisa that always has drawn him attention the world of engineering and the mechanics and that of self-taught form ” everything knows what has conocer” as he says, on the world of the cars, the machines and the motors. To this it took initiative to look for it consultant’s office with instructors and apprentices of the Regional Seine Magdalena, since a year ago it realised a previous test, but failed in the revolutions of the motor. By the same author: Dropbox. It is as well as nowadays it counts on the support of Freddy Restrepo Mogolln, instructor of the Technologist in Agricultural Mechanics and Leonardo Acua Rivers, apprentice of this same program, that has stops knowledge in marine motors; Deimer Padilla Grapevines accompanies, it in the handling by the tools; Jeison Roldn I castrate in the process of cleaning of the motor and Luis Alberto Espitia Creek, leader of the equipment by its high interest, dedication and knowledge of the project. ” This process is innovating in Santa Marta and simultaneously I have felt privileged to be in the group to learn every day and to more put in practice the knowledge acquired in this labor” it indicated Luis Alberto Espitia Creek, apprentice leader of the work group. To date two million weights have been reversed, all own resources of the creator of the project and it stipulates that they will be three months of the adjustment and change of pieces, tests and other assemblies so that ” Siren 2″ it begins to sail by the seas of the city..

Public Administration

To stop acting only like workers to the service of the Government to become workers to the service of the Society more, is deep the qualitative change of a reform of this type. This new conception of the public service, implies a revaluation of the bureaucracy to promote its dignification, putting special attention to those who toils in directive positions and of confidence. There there are many cases to that only by the change of governmental authorities, they are dismissed of its uses even though they are people with ample proven professional competitions; and instead of them, it is placed people who for being of free designation, not always they are most able for the required performance and this repels soon against the holders who decided their incorporations, plus the unfavorable impact in the society. Against this background the requirements fundamental are located to assure the exact implantation the professional service of race in the Public Administration of the State of Sonant. Immediately some of them are exposed: Garantizar the transparency and fairness in the processes of incorporation of personnel to directive positions and confidence, combined to the requirement of which the professional competitions for the good performance of the responsibilities are had necessary that correspond. Institucionalizar reliable organs and partial people in charge of the entrance contests, evaluation of the performance and qualification; task that he is not smaller in this dynamics, mainly if part of the little credibility which they enjoy the institutions not only to the eyes of the citizens but also of the own servants public. Of equal way, is the construction of the suitable normative instruments (catalogue of positions, public registry of servants public, manuals of operation policies), of their correct application as well as the permanent evaluation of the operation and the results of the system as a whole. Capacitar to those who will be in charge of the coordination of the system of the professional service of race, in the scope of the Secretariat of the General Contralora of the State and in the one of the other dependencies of the Executive authority of the State.

State Public Administration

This is so that the necessary competitions in each position need clearly. Finally, to undertake focused actions to foment a new culture of public management in which it corresponds to the designations of personnel in directive positions, who leaves the old woman associated paradigms back to behaviors that do not help to the dignification of the public service in view of the citizens and of the same servants public. – Notes: (1) Alberto Haaz Diaz, in the State Public Administration of Sonant carried out the positions of Chief of a main directorate of Budget, Computer science and Systems, Regional and Municipal Development, Finances of Arranged Public Works, Educative Planning and Innovation and Quality, in periods from 1979 to 2009. At the moment he is Consulting in Competitiveness. (2) On the basis of the arranged thing by the Law of Planning of the State of Sonant, the State Plan of Development to its execution has the slopes Obligatory (for the state public administration), of Coordination (between governments state, federal and municipal), of Agreement (state government with social individuals and groups), and of Induction (by means of legal and administrative instruments). (3) the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the Public Administration of the State of Sonant, will have to be promulgated for the implementation of the System that in this matter is described in the Program of Professionalisation and Competitiveness indicated above.

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Judicial Power

Centuries XVIII and XIX, the bourgeois liberal States protected only the individual rights of formal way, without giving abregancias to the natural right calls, to understand that these would not need state protection, like right to the work, the dignity, the health and others. Nevertheless, of the growth of the societies the collective rights took control important more and more and happened not only to be guaranteed by the State like provedos by him. In this way the right to the access to justice was made very ampler, because it is from him who can be demanded other rights. In this sense, no modern State could be considered democratic if not to trust to the Judicial Power the guarantee of the rights. For that reason it is reason why the modern constitutions introduce in their text a relation of rights and have necessary means to the efectivacin the same. The Federal Constitution guarantees to all the access justice when in its article 5 interjection LXXIV forces the State that gives legal help gratuitous integral to which they could not pay by this service.

Nevertheless only that does not guarantee the integral access justice, because not only the money, but several other factors make difficult that judicial inspection. This it is one more of the many rights that Constitution grants to the citizen and that actually it is not exerted as it would have. The access to justice also is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution in the article 5el interjection XXV, that guarantees the appreciation by the Judicature of any injury or injury threat, that is to say, any citizen who wants to see its problem solved by justice will be able to do it, and the judicial power is forced by constitutional force to appreciate it. The exercise of the democracy depends directly on the access to justice. It is not possible that the town exerts its rights if justice not to confer to him average to make merit and to oppose these rights, to the abuses and abuses that try to prevent this exercise. Even so, the exercise of these rights often is exceeded unconsciously, because the rights are only decided when they are violated, that is to say, when a right refuses or prevents its exercise is that it is perceived that was no the taken care of had one.

Therefore, the town owns a natural accomodation in the exercise of its rights, which generates an increase of the necessity of access to Justice. In spite of the countless difficulties of the access to justice, several measures are being taken to diminish this problem like objective to popularize justice. Nevertheless, that is to say a very difficult task, because it is surprised in the culture of our town that never had the habit to use judicial means to solve its problems. Allied this lack of habit, it is extremely difficult that one gets rid of the inefficient and bureaucratic label of that the society placed in Justice. It will be precise to demonstrate and to convince the society otherwise, and that is a slow and gradual process. Justice already took brings back to consciousness that this problem is a vicious circle, where the difficulties of access to justice consequently own the disrepute in the institution and, thus, brings about the distance of the population, inhibiting still more the access to justice. By AD Monograph and investigation in right original Author and source of the article.

Greek Dreams

Other times the God Hermes (Mercury of the Romans, of winged feet and volatile later reduced by the liberal pragmatists to cadet of stock-market or perhaps speculator) mediating of the dreams appears to the soante; or this can the other way around be interpreted following the Orphean lessons of and the Pythagorean ones: when sleeping, the soul flight provisorily of the tomb that is the body and can freely visit the world of the Gods as us notices Homero to it 1 Aeschylus 2, 3 Eurpides, Pndaro and Jenofonte 4. If this is truth the oniromancia it has as much prestige as the psychoanalysis since it becomes a so frightful sagrada communication when it noticed catastrophes that had to swear in by means of sacrifices to the apotropsicos Gods. Eurpides makes say to the overcome queen of Troy, the Augusta Hcuba, Darknesses at night! Why each to grow dark comes to fill to me of terror? Sagrada earth, mother of whichever dreams that revolotean with black wings! 5 So that the dreams are Earth children, germinates of her like the simiente in the humidity. Aristotle compared to the dreams with the images reflected in the water: to any he distorts them movement creating ghost from a real object. In the Banquet of Plato participates a strange visit that debates between philosophers and is one of the few examples in which the Antiquity recognizes the woman an equality plane to discuss with illustrious men.

Farmville Versus

Of the virtual games that lately are observed in social means the best ones are those than they allow to participate you in real time, and of these, it is necessary to consider one with which you will feel an authentic benefit and Farmville relaxation, in this application the participant will have the opportunity to be in a completely natural atmosphere like is it a farm, in which she will be able to carry out activities several, all related to the own works that are due to carry out when it lives in zones dedicated to activides on sowing on plantations and young on animal. While the player becomes jumbled in the game will understand that he needs to secure points by experience (XP) and to make money to be able to buy seeds, machineries, power to do the works of plow his earth, and to be able to fulfill all the goals possible, this necessity to make money will be very important in the growth of its farm since you very will be motivated to realise many activities to achieve that aim. You will be able to harvest and to sell its products without problems, will learn to handle its costs without difficulty because the sales left gains him that used to go of purchases in the market of Farmville, with the purchase of articles it would gain points by experience (XP) these points are important to happen to other levels. In the measurement that advances more and more in the game it includes/understands the importance of making money and the players must strive to obtain it of different forms and thus not to stagnate in the levels initiates to them. As to increase to its productivity in hours the flow of income in its farm it is only what it will allow to a fast advance by all the levels and the possibilities him of winning many currencies will depend on how you handle his you harvest will explain to him with an example: the strawberries are sold by 35 coins by reaped earth parcel and 4 hours are taken to grow.

On the other hand, the pumpkins to take 8 hours to grow and are sold by 68 currencies by parcel when it is harvested. With the strawberries you would gain 8.75 currencies per hour, she only must divide 35 between 4 that is the time in which the strawberries in growing take and that will give approximate one him of the referred amount above, whereas with the Pumpkins you will obtain 8,5 currencies per hour, this seems little but in the measurement that works but earth with these plants the gains increased easily without problems and. The other very important factor is the handling of the time, reason why the people who play must be very pending of their harvests to gather them as soon as they are ready and to return to seed a new plantation immediately.

Liberating Revolution

In 1953, another one of the foreign intellectuals who as much contributed to the study of occurring Argentine connection irrescindiblemente of American occurring, that is to say: Salvador Canals Frau in its book the indigenous populations of Argentina, illustrated with maps of the continent, as different ethnic groups were the vital support of the space identified like Bolivia, and as the spaces of those ethnic groups made contingency not covered by law, to the political divisions that many attribute to the schemes of the impregnated English diplomacy of masnicos contents. Two years later, in the austral summer of 1955, before the coup d’etat known like Liberating Revolution, the constitutional governments of Argentina and Bolivia, had signed the Treaty of Economic Union, that reaffirmed the Treaty of complementing suscripto in 1947.nterin in 1949, had been inaugurated the railroad which it united to Yacuiba with santa Cruz of the Mountain range, nails occidentalizador of the Bolivian East, railway line that looked for the Madeira river and that she was one of the consequences of the adjustments of pacification to the war that the states of Paraguay and Bolivia, they freed between 1932 and 1935. In that instance the Brazilian government assumed the commitment to construct the railroad between Santa Cruz of the Mountain range and Columba. By managements of pacification of that war – that as all the conflicts in the region were stimulated by the intrawestern interests by the enormous mining resources of the same – the then Argentine chancellor, Carlos Saavedra Lamas received the Nobel prize of La Paz. The relation between Altiplano and Buenos Aires had held fast with the connection between the railway networks Argentine and Bolivian between the Quiaca and Villazon in 1925. In this saga we cannot stop mentioning the book on the ruins of the Tihahuanaco, that Bartholomew Mitre wrote in his I exile Bolivian.