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In County Meath, in the beautiful Ireland, keeps memories of glorious times. The mythical past of the great kings of Ireland seems to revive the ancient monuments that dot the region. But none so magical and mysterious as the Hill of Tara, seat of the ancient earthly and spiritual power of the heroic Kings of the island. A so old and fascinating monument which, although Dublin, is only 40 km. from the capital, well worth worth making a hotel reservation in the area to explore with the importance it deserved. The Hill of Tara is limestone, and is height escas. Its flat Summit highlights the strength of Kings, a building dating back to the Neolithic and custody inside, guarded by an architecture of concentric circles, to the stone of destiny place where the ancient kings of Ireland were crowned.

To the North, another ring hosts a building known as the room of the banquet, while southward, he says, he is buried, standing, High King Laoghaire. Other fortifications of different importance punctuate the Hill and opened the door to the controversy and myth: really we are at the center of the political and spiritual power of the old Ireland? Specialists suggest that, but they agree that the real dimension of the influence of this religious political centre is far from known. To visit its ancient stones and feel within a history of legends and glorious battles, does not need to know it. For moviegoers, the Hill exhibits attractive extra named in one of the most famous films of all time: what wind is led. In it, was the father of Scarlett O Hara, the unforgettable protagonist, who proud of his Irish roots as Tara baptizing his cotton plantation.

A scenario of great weight in the evolution of the plot. However, already is to astonish with its monuments and enigmas, or to indulge yourself repeating, as Scarlett I morning I will go to Tara and will know what to do, because tomorrow will be another day, well worth the change accommodation in Dublin by the choice of hotels in County Meath. A offer that it includes from cheap hotels and cozy up to hostels and castles. At the heart of the legendary history of Ireland. And the film, it is clear. Jorge Alberto Guinazu Hotel reservations load! Blog Archive scenery fortress of redemption the platform technology Spanish steel presented in Valencia future applications of steels building industrialized Brad Keselowski and Todd Bodine, crowned in Miami NASCAR – EUROPE booking a Hotel Tacna and explores the city book now your Christmas at the Emperor Hotel dining Hotelistico


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