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The news article informs that the Movement of the Reached ones for last Barrages adopted new position in the two years, joining forces in the claims with the MST, FETRAF and other movements. The extensive guideline joins flags of all the involved groups in the occupation. Amongst the complaints of the social movements in the area of influence of the lake of Tucuru they are the impacts suffered had to the activities of lumber extration, vegetal coal and exploration of large states, that is, resultant the secondary impacts of the spontaneous settling of the construction. The leaderships question the morosidade in the payment of indemnities of families reached for the construction of the canal locks and indefinio of the city hall of the city on the land for construction of 300 popular houses and a fair in the area where the lake of the canal locks will be formed. This type of manifestation tends if to perpetuate and to be aggravated while the government not to watch over for the correct and efficient application of the relative rules to the ambient licensing of these highly impactantes enterprises, especially how much to the social and economic aspects.

We are not ' requentando' the substance. The problem and its causes are that they have been recurrent, they have happened without stopping, if repeating successive times in distinct situations, crossing the proper history of Brazil and the governments of different partisan colorations throughout the time and always involving mega-projects infrastructures and of exploration of the natural resources, are they renewed or not. It is through the instruments of control, or ambient projects, according to legislation, that must be foreseen and be defined all the measures and action. not only of compensation, but also of mitigao of negative impacts and increment of the positive impacts, defining itself mainly of socioeconmica and ambient nature.


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His own will; you want to the spirit that has lost the world, wants to win his own world. I have shown to three metamorphoses of the spirit: how the spirit becomes camel, the spirit how leon, and finally, how the spirit becomes child. Nietzsche is a good experience for those who come from the tropics with temperatures ranging between 30 to 40 degrees centigrade, the challenges of the current climate which presents Europe in the present, especially in the country that concerns us as Italy, most in the North where the temperature this year has fallen to 18 degrees below zero, and touched me in Parma and neighbouring places, such as Bologna, where the snow has made his appearance, with his white cloak covering streets, rooftops, mountains presenting a very interesting landscape. I decided to go to visit Bologna at one hour of Parma by regional train and go into everything that encloses this active, dynamic city. As is it reminds us, Bologna is soaked in history and so it is said, was founded by the Etruscans, with the name of Felsina. Later, the city became the Roman colony known as Bononia. tml’>Francisco D’Agostino. Bologna the learned: the city retains its reputation for cultural city from the time of the Romans (Marcial called it the cultured Bononia), when he was one of the main centers of the via Emilia. In the Renaissance, Bologna became a center of culture and one of the largest cities in the Papal States.

Bologna became one of the most important trade centers of Italy. Part of the taxes charged to merchants was used to pay teachers at its famous University. It is estimated that 100,000 of the 800,000 inhabitants of Bologna and its metropolitan area, are students of this important and historic University is located in the Po Valley, at the foot of the Apennine mountains, at the confluence of the Valley of the Rhine and Savena, near the city of Modena.

Environmental Health

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Large urban hospitals may generate over two million tonnes of waste each year and consume an average energy that reaches 15 million euros. The problem derived from the handling and disposal of waste raises the need for centres that can manage their waste biosanitary autonomously, as well as adapt its activity to energy efficiency practices. The separation, collection and shipment of the waste follows a process formalized and laid down in legislation, but there is no specific national or European law for sanitary waste. In the majority of clinics and hospitals, treatment and management of hospital waste consist discard them all together: roles of the reception, surgery materials, medicines to then burn them at incinerators. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identified this mechanism of disposal as the main source of emission of toxins, mercury, lead and other air pollutants that threaten human health and the environment environment. Other centres opt to have them as common waste i.e. delivered to urban collection services, which end up in open dumps, which puts at risk of contagion to persons seeking among the garbage. Filed under: Angelina Jolie.

The European Union is working on a directive on gas emissions from the incineration of hazardous waste through the establishment of very strict limits on the type of ovens and the effectiveness of gas cleaning equipment. To meet these limits it is necessary to install modern technology incinerators, endowed with a specific furnace and a gas high efficiency wash system. A facility technically very sophisticated requiring specialized maintenance and exploitation. The correct management of health care waste reduces the risk to health and the environment but it is rather more expensive than the disposal of common waste. This is one of the reasons why health care facilities should consider the need to minimize the production of waste, and thus lower costs and optimize processes.

Energy saving has become one of the priorities of the administrations since they have to comply with existing energy efficiency legislation. To do this, play an important role new technologies, organic products and those with a longer life cycle that are emerging in the health market. The LEDS are an example. A type of light that consumes five times less and lasts 10 times longer than the halogen, recycling is a good way to eliminate mercury emissions and reduce waste and the disposal of toxic material. The use of natural gas instead of diesel, harnessing the condensation of the air conditioning equipment or the purchase of energy-efficient equipment, are other environmental practices that can be carried out in hospitals. Hospitals purchasing decisions play a very important role, both directly and indirectly, in environmental health. These decisions influence the way they occur the food, the way they are packaged, consumed and discarded. It is what is called organic food, which also takes place in hospitals, which respects the environment, is viable economic and responsible globally social level. The environmental policy of hospitals, clinics and health centers requires important changes and the introduction of measures to optimize its resources and produce less polluting energies. Minimize the amount and toxicity of waste, reducing electricity consumption and adopt policies for the use of products, materials and safer chemicals is the guarantee of a sector that not only ensures the health of individuals, but also by the world in which they live. The Mercury thermometer allow passage to the electric.


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It is a document of the ONU, and as such, only enjoys of obligatoriness after to be recognized for the legislation of each country. In Brazil, the States and Cities will be able to legislate from Agenda 21, since that following the Union and taking advantage the legislation most restrictive. Agenda 21 deals with the […]


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We need to create our children with more security and, for this, we need to join forces in the direction to attract the society to acquire knowledge it of that the violence can destroy families and provoke a great evil for all the population. But, she is necessary to define what it is violence and […]

Incubator Home

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making your own incubator for reptile eggs can be a good way to avoid the high costs of purchase incubators and achieve yet a good hatching rate, if you know what you’re doing is. Here I will be giving some step by step instructions on how to create a nursery of reptiles at home, from […]