CCFL Leuchtstofforhen

Buy TV, but with the right preparation for the purchase. New names, new techniques, this makes the TV buy now becoming a big problem. So you can find the right TV, we hired a guide on the net here. The major display techniques LCD TV now clearly dominate the television market and has now clearly overtaken the plasma television. The LCD televisions differ above all the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is backlit. Behind the classic LC display so-called KaltkathodenRohren, or alternatively CCFL Leuchtstofforhen are called, used.

This type of production, the televisions are relatively inexpensive. The FA. Sony also relies on HeisskathodenRohren, or also HCFL, which minimize the power consumption but something. Alledings is always on for both variants the backlighting on the TV displays. Always a little light at each pixel to shine through, can complete the crystals not a hundred percent close. So black does not appear as black, but as gray black, the contrast ratio is this worse.

However, it now create the manufacturer to produce very good TV with CCFL and HCFL backlight, which offer a good black level and a high contrast. Here, you should take but when buying it that your new TV offers 100 Hz at least minimizes the movement sharpening. A major drawback of LCD TVs is the low viewing angle. If you look at an angle from the side on the display, it can happen that the colors are represented unequally. LCD with LED backlight to reduce power consumption, alternatively put the TV manufacturers on LED (light emitting diodes) for backlighting of the LCD. The TVs achieve significantly better black levels and a higher contrast ratio than the CCFL opponents. LCD with four sub pixels in this type of production is the FA. sharp au the so called Quattron technology.