Ensino Superior

As well as the presence of the religion, the conception of the ER is part of day-by-day of all. The instruction on the principles and dogmas of each religion must be taught its adepts, and this is the paper of the ER. In a society of great religious diversity as the Brazilian, the debate if makes around the resume, of as the ER in the schools must be practised. Legally the ER must lay and be forbidden the proselitismo, it practises then it educational religious must only instruct in the diverse religions with intention to form conscientious citizens, moral and civic, using beyond all the substances of the curricular grating the ER. Proposal, as practical not accurately educational, but yes as bedding of the education, the EC considers not it change of the pertaining to school resume to adapt itself to the Christianity, but yes as philosophy.

The ideal humanists and racionalistas had contributed for the development politician and social, however, how much to the moral, ethical conscience, of familiar values, they had among others been wronged. Such proposal confuses freedom with libertinism, disrespects the other people’s space, confuses freedom with revolt, beyond if contradicting how much to the concept of what it is maturity. If it exists the age of the revolt and the age of the maturity, why to teach freedom in confusion with the revolt instead of teaching ‘ ‘ freedom with maturidade’ ‘. Therefore the EC must lead the formation of children and young, not it return of the scholastic that burnt in the fogueira the scientists, but yes the valuation of the principles Christian in the education, not them religious values of each church whom if Christian judges, but yes the moral, ethical values, and of social responsibility that is the base of the Christianity. ‘ ‘ Let us wait somebody, either God, either a man inhaled, that it instructs in them on our duties and that let us move away to the darknesses from ours olhos’ ‘ Scrates ______ ‘ ‘ It declared, to you man, what it is good and that is what asks for to you of you: that you practise justice, and you love the mercy, and you walk humblly with your Deus.’ ‘ Miquias

The Life

It passed for the adolescence, had hormonais alterations in its puberty, felt desires sexual as any young of its age; Jesus also faced its proper internal conflicts. You can until not believing, but until physiological necessities It felt to the times, this exactly! Jesus went regularly to the bathroom. He is difficult to imagine it thus, as a common boy running and playing for life. We are very comfortable to think that since the moment of its birth, its life always was surrounded by all luck of magical and miraculous events, perhaps therefore some crpulas of the past propositalmente we have propositalmente omitted great part of its life in the call sacred book of the Christianity. Jesus could not be as the other boys of its age, It had that to be absolutely perfect a human specimen. Therefore one so little says of its infancy and absolutely nothing on the period of time that corresponds of its twelve to the thirty years of age; time this that was considered private by the church catholic and simply discarded of the original manuscripts of the bible. Happily with respect to us the reality of the facts does not point in this direction. Jesus was child, played and if he made dirty of land, he went up in trees and many times It fell of them. Accurately as each one of us, It also had its doubts and distrusts; he knew moments of abundance and happiness next to its family and friends and in determined moment he also knew the difficulty; Jesus knew hunger A horrible accident during the construction of the Antonia tower would take off the life of its father when It had only 17 years of age, fact this made that it to assume as son first-born all the responsibility for the sustenance of its mother and its lesser brothers.

Apstolo Pablo

Submission pleases the Mr. The secular world deviates men and women of the focus that is Jesus. As much that, to the few, the principles of conjugal relationship that please the God if they turvaram and they had left of being mentioned. On the other hand, diverse ideologies had been introduced and strengthened in the minds of the people. The parents do not teach submission to the children, them everything can. To the youngsters, he is not taught that they will have to love its wife as Christ loves the Church, nor so little teaches the young women to it who will have to be submissas the God and to the husband. Not obstante, the third challenge of the Christian woman is: submission. Thus, the unsubmissiveness is social legacy, however it must be renegado.

Apstolo Pablo evidences in its letter to the Efsios chapter 5, versicle 22: ' ' The women are submissas to its proper husband, as the Mr. ' ' However, what she means to be submissa? How the modern woman can be submissa (to obey the Word of God) and not to be connivent with the weaknesses of the man who, many times, is also not prepared to be the head of the home? The faith is the way. In evangelho of Mateus, chapter 21, versicle 21, have the power of the faith the point to transfer a mount stop another place. God is not immature, therefore if it determines that the woman is submissa, certainly will enable the husband. Of this form, he fits to the Christian woman to believe in Mr. and to obey. We have then colon excellent: the submission must first be to the Creator, in case that contrary, does not have motivation to be submissa to the husband. I confess the sisters who to speak of submission, for me, nor always were so easy.