The Bird Dourada

Accidentally, Emlia esbarra in the Visconde, making to miss it quantidadede Dust of Pirimpimpim, inhaling more than the necessary one. Thus, to invsde to wake up in the Olival, house of the small dosprotagonistas shepherd who if soon becomes friend at the beginning of history and place where the skin was tanned, oVisconde awakes in the palace of king Polidectes, at the moment where Perseuprometia to kill the terrible Jellyfish. He was waited of sabugo that it inhaled correct aquantidade of Dust and fulfilled its design initial. However, oque it makes after that not condiz in nothing with its usualmenteracional behavior. Acting impulsively, the Visconde follows Perseu and it attends cumprirsua promise to it.

As many new inesperadasemoes and addition have its result. The mind of sabugo does not obtain to support seuequilbrio and to accomodate these emotions and it finishes going crazy. Pronunciandopalavras untied meaningless, between histricas outbursts of laughter, the Visconde at' ' it gave a series of capers and it was to make the experience of andarcom the hands in the soil and the feet in ar' ' (LOBATO, M. If you have read about Bausch & Lomb already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 1969.p.236). Dessamaneira being ' ' picapauzinhos' ' in this mythical Greece, muitolonge of the modern medicine and the psychiatric treatments, the cure of sabugo would spoderia to come through the cauldron of the witch Mediates. In the Cauldron, sabugo wild must serfervido. However only the boil is not enough to cure it; before, preciso that It mediates has pulled out the penalties, the arms and the head to it. These are aspartes that they make the special Visconde, a sabugo-man; without them, it would be umsabugo common, equal to any another one in a milharal.

Finally, He mediates to devecortar to it in small pieces total, undoing it, to only entoferver it. 3. The fox in pieces and other symbols. The story ' ' The Bird Dourada' ' , of the Grimm brothers he is repleto of symbols, the entailed majority to the knowledge.

Christmas Surprise

The cloth dolls also were confectioned by it in a small machine of sewing that we keep until today. The father made the toys for the boys: stand of hand and hill. My brothers and I waited anxious for the gifts, exactly knowing of the few conditions of the family. The Christmas of 1957 e, at the same time, different is equal to the others, therefore always it had a surprise. In the eve, we made grass for the animals and we place a little in the prespio for burrinho. The mother made biscuits in doll form, heart and star.

At night, we place to the side of the pine our plates decorated with flowers and colorful straws and were to sleep in our beds limpinhas, resting the head in a gostoso pillow of penalty. The dreams had delayed to arrive, therefore the wait for Noel Papa in them took off sleep one more time. To the few, we adormecemos e, per the morning, which was not our surprise when, running until the pine, we saw the biscuits that, during the night, had been painted for good velhinho during its visit! New and colored dresses, shirts, dolls, stands, bullets and hats fulled our plates and our hearts. The blue eyes of the mother and greens of the father if had fulled of tears and, today, I understand that wanted to say ' ' fulfilled mission of love one more time ' '. Day 25 was special. It was day of party, the most waited of the year, and a special date deserved a lunch in great style. Was day of meat baked tempering for the father. We all shared together good moments during the day.

The time it passed fast, my parents if they had been, but the values and the brightness in the look had continued with me. I prepared many pinheirinhos for my children, with prespio, candles, small balls and decorative clasps. In all the Christmases, had been able to find something placed with much love inside them plates under it pine. Its dreams had also delayed to arrive at the blue wait of Noel Papa, and my eyes, when perceiving its shining in the hour of the surprise, also if they had fulled of tears, having demonstrated a fulfilled mission of love and becoming a special moment only as a form of relembrar each Christmas that I lived. Produced text on the basis of the history of Valeni Gross Bettu, counted for it same and recounted by me.

Average Age

Banished of Rome, for reasons politicians, the personality of the poet of the Metamorphoses hardly was shaken. The isolation tax to the poet marks to it, with indelveis traces, spirit making that Ovdio created in some of its workmanships written in the exile, an atmosphere of dreams and myths where it looked to relief and esquecimento for its desventuras. Vates that it asked for that its name was festejado in the universe (in Toto Orbe, A.A, II, 739-40) had all gotten the recognition in the Average Age and the Renaissance. Some Greek actors: Anacronte Safo, Menandro, Homero and Latinos: Catulo, Tibulo, Proprcio Homero and Latins: Catulo, Tibulo, Proprcio and Verglio amongst others had celebrated the love with licentious subjects and mordacious, but, they had not suffered sanction from the Emperor. It is gotten rid thus, the reason by which only it Ovdio was punished (relegatus) in the oldness, for its poetical creation writing in youth. In it chose it to Rome if it developed as proper sort of poetry with characteristic and defined well, differently of Greece. At the time of Augustus, many poets had written books of chose, as Tibulo, Proprcio and Ovdio stimulated by the PAX ROMAN.

True the Carmen Et Error that had lead Ovdio to the banishment it is until today, a great incognito in the Latin literature of all the times. What we know is told in them in the proper workmanship of Ovdio, in the elegaca coletnea Tristia, composed of five books (libelli), one of the workmanships written in the deportation (relegatio), in Tmis, (libelli); the poet in discloses its misfortunes, its fears and its hope to them in the clemency of the friend and August emperor. He describes in pathetic style its experiences, its sentimentalismo and the expression of pain after the rupture and the separation, not only of the URBS, but mainly, of its familiar ones and the friends.

Village Abundance

– I not wise person of this. – Jorjo- said It already is in the hell, exactly. – And the name goes to pass if to call Village Abundance and, I want that as soon as dawn, all vocs will come back to occupy its old lands. It now belongs in fact, the vocs. who to be with fear, dies. goes down branquinha pra everybody. – Z declared.

Suddenly, all had been scared and been dumb with a terrible boom. Sobrado was the great imponent e, imperial symbol of San Colonel, who came to the soil, with its shouts of badness and terror since the time of the slavery. The land trembled. All continued been silent until Brave Jo silences broke it: – We go to drink and to commemorate the fall of the empire of San Colonel and its life of crimes against the race human being. Now the land is of vocs. We go defends it with nails and teeth. – I want all the weapons of the farm! – brave Jo said, in an authoritarian tone and who will not have courage to take its lands in return, goes to ferrar itself with me. The men had started if to put into motion, entering of house in house and confiscating the weapons and the ammunition.

Later they would be distributed of logical form for the defense of the village. * It was morning of sunday in the city. All had found odd San Colonel and its wife not to appear to the mass. The priest did not start the mass without the Colonel ordered e, if somebody dared to seat in its place, in the bank of the front, exactly for incautiousness, would have that to leave to yield the place for the Colonel and its wife. Soon the news arrived at the city.